Stay alert for travel prize scam

POLICE are warning consumers of a new travel prize scam known to defraud people of thousands of dollars and steal their identity.

State Crime Operations Command's Fraud and Corporate Crime Group has been contacted by a Queensland resident who had an envelope personally addressed to him containing a glossy travel brochure and two "scratch-its" attached to a competition produced by an Asian based travel company, Emperial Travel.

The man scratched the panels on both tickets and won a cash based prize.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said that victims are then required to contact the travel company to claim their prize.

"The brochure and the terms and conditions printed on the flyers look very legitimate but don't be fooled. When you go to claim your prize you will be asked to pay the administration and tax fees which can be in their thousands," he said.

Detective Superintendent Hay warned that money wasn't the only thing you stood to lose.

"The company then asks for identity documents - a copy of your passport, a driver's license possibly even a copy of your birth certificate. All things that contribute to having your identity stolen," he said.

"These brochures and scratch-it tickets are professionally produced and all designed to garner the confidence of the intended victim.  The fact they are personally address to the intended victim helps to persuade the victim they have fallen into a legitimate windfall."

It is important that people do not respond to these "attractive opportunities" and never engage in dialogue with the fraudsters.

A full-size image of the scratch-cards can be seen here.

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