Station lockdown powder scare

BUNDABERG Police Station was closed for about 90 minutes yesterday after a suspicious white powder was brought in by a member of the public.

It is believed the woman discovered the powder while opening mail at a Rosedale Road business just before 9am.

Frightened by her find, she took the package to police headquarters on Bourbong Street, where three police officers came into contact with the powder.

The contaminated envelope was put into an airtight container and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Bundaberg were called to control the spread.

QFRS Bundaberg acting station officer David Avenell said firefighters in chemical splash suits sealed off the station and the woman's business in North Bundaberg while the premises were decontaminated.

“We removed the envelope in an airtight drum,” Mr Avenell said.

He said the building was washed down with a chemical solution to remove traces of the substance.

“Given the unknown nature of the package and the potential risk to community safety, the police station was closed,” Bundaberg Police Inspector Kev Guteridge said.

He said police officers had to shower and change into fresh clothes to remove any possible contamination.

“They were subsequently examined by Queensland Ambulance Service and found to be in good health,” Insp Guteridge said.

Four people at the business premises also had to shower.

“We apologise for any inconvenience the closure of the police station may have caused, but under the circumstances, we could not gamble with the safety of the community and police officers,” Insp Guteridge said.

“In the event of receiving suspect goods or substances, try and contain the contents as much as possible and call Triple 0 for an emergency crew. Do not try and move it as that may spread any potential contamination.”

Tests have confirmed the substance is not harmful but investigations are continuing.

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