Labor Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller is one of three MPs accused of not working together for Ipswich.
Labor Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller is one of three MPs accused of not working together for Ipswich. DARREN ENGLAND

State MPs Jim, Jen and Jo-Ann don't gel, councillor declares

A COUNCILLOR has slammed the "poor relationship" between Ipswich's three state members and laid blame to why the city misses out on infrastructure.

Division 7 Councillor David Martin criticised the work of Ipswich West MP Jim Madden, Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard and Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller.

He said it was "no secret Jim, Jen and Jo don't get along".

Since last week's presentation by Council of Mayors chief executive officer Scott Smith, Mr Martin has been on the warpath over Ipswich's infrastructure.

He said all the city received from the state and federal governments were; "just roads and infrastructure that bypasses Ipswich".

The Division 7 councillor partly attributed the number of projects to the relationship between the city's three MPs.

"If Jim, Jen and Jo-Ann got on there'd be a good little block to go to Annastacia and say this is what we need for Ipswich," he said.

Cr Martin, the freshest face on the council, called for an upgrade to the central business district's tired facilities.

"The Civic Centre was opened by Gough Whitlam in 1975," he said.

"Our population has tripled and we've got the same-sized civic centre.

"It holds 250 people for a dance and we're losing functions because we need something bigger."

On Sunday, Treasurer Jackie Trad revealed another theatre would be built at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

Cr Martin said it was another example of other areas of the state getting investment.

"We're talking about a billion-dollar bus terminal and Cross River Rail at South Bank and a $200 million revamp of Roma Street Station," he said.

"They pulled down our beautiful old station and built this one 40 years ago which is now desperately in need of a makeover.

"Our transit centre is still boarded up from the 2011 floods.

"You can't sugar coat that."

Cairns' new entertainment centre and Townsville's football stadium are also in Cr Martin's crosshairs, along with the number of bridges in the beef capital.

"Rockhampton is half our size and it has two bridges over the Fitzroy River," he said.

"We're waiting on the Norman Street Bridge."

Ms Miller said she had provided infrastructure for the electorate, including the "Ipswich Motorway upgrade, the Centenary Highway expansion" and new schools.

The Bundamba MP also hoped "the railway extension through to Redbank Plains is funded sooner rather than later".

Mr Madden said the council was "talking about projects they haven't yet made a case for funding for".

"If they ever get to forming plans and finding a site I'm happy to sit down with them," he said.

"Dave, my door is always open."

He said the three MPs "have a good working relationship".

Ms Howard said she had lobbied for Ipswich Motorway funding and would continue to do so.

"I'm aware of the unprecedented growth in the area and the need for infrastructure to support that growth and I will continue to fight for Ipswich's fair share, just as I know Jim and Jo-Ann do," she said.

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