State honours for our girls

IT is one up for the girls this off-season, with four of Bundaberg's best off the New South Wales on Queensland duties.

Next Wednesday, 13-year-old Rachael Cox will take her first step in becoming like her hero Nikki Hudson when she represents Queensland.

The Rovers fullback will head to Coffs Harbour to compete in the National Under 13 Invitational Girls Championships.

“I'm excited, it's a chance to meet new people and play against different players,” Cox said yesterday.

More importantly, Cox will have an opportunity to test her game against Australia's best players.

Her Queensland coach, Niki Russell, who coaches Rovers locally, said Cox had already benefited from training with the Queensland team since July.

“We have seen an improvement with all those girls, and you saw it coming into the finals, that extra training each week really pays off,” she said.

Cox was influential in Rovers J2 Grand Final in the Bundaberg Hockey Association, picking up the player-of-the-game award.

While Ashleigh Martin, 13, Emily Clark, 14, and Aimee McGill, 15, have also benefited from the guidance of the Queensland coaches.

They missed out on representing Queensland this year but were picked as shadow players and invited to Grafton, New South Wales, for a development camp.

They will train under some of the best coaches in Queensland and New South Wales.

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