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AS THE wet weather stopped all bowls last week, there are no results from Tuesday through to Sunday. First time I have known that to happen going back for many years, so much for the long dry summer which was forecast a few months ago. There is a reminder for the lady bowlers which is as follows: Nominations are now open for Championship Pairs and will close and be drawn after bowls on Thursday, February 4. First round will be played on February 11. Ladies, the sheet for your nominations is on the notice board so please get your teams together. All games are play, sub or forfeit. Weather permitting a team of four men will be playing in a presidents day at the Isis Central Mill B.C. this coming Sunday. 1pm start for the game. Still to be confirmed there is a planned visit by the following club to play Isis B.C. Wide Bay & District Veterans Bowls Club proposed visit Sunday, February 14. Last I heard they are having lunch at the Isis Club before the game. We will need as many players as we can get to fill the green up. Should be a great day. Names in the book please.


Come and try bowls, it's great fun. Bowls supplied and new players welcome. Tuesday night bowls names in by 5.30, sausage sizzle at 5.30, play starts at 6 o' clock.

Sunday afternoon bowls start at 1pm, names in by 12.30. Social bowls results Tuesday night - B. Dougall, P. Duffy, B. Rayner - Def - C. Winter, B. Wilkins, J. Shilton - 29 - 11. Competition results: Championship pairs - K. Findlay, B. Findlay Def - K.Sheppard, A. Manning 24 -10. Sunday Bowls washed out. This Sunday, February 7, the District AGM President's day is at our club ICM. Meeting is at 10.30, bowls start at 1pm. All members are required to be available and attend. Put your names on the sheet up on the notice board. Working bee this Saturday at the club starting about 9am.


Tuesday, January 26:

Australia Day.

48 players (16 teams) nominated for the Australia Day two games each of 11 ends

Mixed triples

Winning team Rob Hannah (Skip), Wendy Reeves and Robyn Bishop.

Runners-Up team Robbie Byrnes (Skip), Ann Sleep and Gordon Ibbertson.

Reports say the competition went well and all enjoyed a great after-noon of bowls.

Wednesday, January 27:

Men's social.

G. Upham, G. Bishop, G. Silverthorne def G. Loydell, C. Ensbey, M. Strano. 25 - 12.

Jesse, S. Boundy, G. Summers def K. Kelly, Trick, R. Weir. 30 - 7.

P. Mullins, N. Blair, A. Griffiths def T. Grebbert, J. Cheers, I. Kirby. 23 - 21.

R. Royan, R. Hill, R. Hannah def J. Daniels, W. Benson, D. Mann. 25 - 16.

D. Ferrier, G. Haynes, G. Weir def R. Cauchi, B. Cayley, J. Johnson. 19 - 12.

J. Morrison, E. Giddins, G. Madsen def A. Ritchie, G. Nuttall, R. Henderson. 26 - 13.

J. Harbourne, G. Ibbertson, R. Byrnes def B. West, A. McKinnon, B. Hooke. 20 - 16.

P. Williams, E. Soesman, R. Winzar def N. Loder, R. Tracey, G. Turner. 28 - 15.

Thursday 28th September:

Twilight mixed bowls

Jackpot triples.

L. Mattson, C. Firth def R. Atkin, D. Ensbey. 22 - 17.

L. Hannah, R. Hannah def P. Mullins, S. Boundy. 22 - 18.

M. Hateley, G. Lenz, G. Nuttall def N. Loder, W. Reeves, R. Weir. 22 - 21.

K. Mattson, M. Boundy, I. Kirby def D. Whiley, J. Aitken, J. Mewitt. 35 - 12.

Saturday, January 30:

Mixed Jackpot Pairs and Triples.

A. Winzar, R. Winzar def C. Hoffman, R. Hoffman. 17 - 13.

A. McKinnon, R. Byrnes def Jesse, E. McCaffrey. 27 - 15.

G. Ibbertson, S. Boundy def W. Benson, D. Ferrier. 21 - 16.

A. Ritchie, G. Summers def N. Blair, K. Murphy. 21 - 18.

L. Hannah, R. Hannah def G. Weir, B. Hooke. 23 - 21.

E. Giddins, G. Nuttall, R. Royan def D. Firth, R. Hill, R. Bishop. 27 - 14.

R. Aitkins, B. Cayley, J. Johnson def J. Aitkins, G. Bishop, R. Bunn. 22 - 19.

G. Lenz, R. Henderson, R. Weir def C. Firth, R. Frahn, M. Strano. 19 - 17.

Sunday, January 31:

Mixed Social.

E. Bell, Peter def G. Bishop, R. Hannah. 24 - 23.

N. Loder, P. Mullins, R. Weir def R. Frahn, R. Bishop, R. Royan. 17 - 16.

M. Hateley, D. Ensbey, R. Byrnes def L. Hannah, G. Lenz, C. Firth. 33 - 16.



A reminder: to be eligible to win a monthly medal, members must be financial.


On a rain-threatening day enough members arrived to compete in the single stroke event in preparation for next week's first Monthly Medal for the year.

Roger Draper recorded nett 67 to win easily from Peter Hutton on 70, 2nd on a countback from Michael Stanton. Rundowns went to Ray Walker and Terry Smallman, both on 72.

Bob Champney (0.95m) won the B Division approach on 1&10, with Leigh Cronin (0.9m) claiming the A Division pinshot on 4&13 and visitor Don O'Garey (8.5m) the B Division pinshot.

Next week members play for the February Monthly Medal and are requested to bring a plate as usual. See you there for the 12.30 hit-off.


On the first day of Thursday single stableford competition, Robyn played within her handicap to win with 37 points from Vicki McAulay on 35 points.

Rundowns went to Diane Rowley and Joy Cartner. Robyn (0.99m) also won the approach.

In the Saturday single stroke competition, Sophie Martell's excellent back nine saw her record 73 nett to win from Robyn Robinson on 75. Robyn (0.19m) also won the approach shot on 6&15.

Next Thursday and Saturday, members play for the Monthly Medal as recently re-designed. We wish all members well in either or both competitions.

Nominations for Women's Country Week open on February 18.


The humid conditions made play both uncomfortable and difficult for most members playing a single stableford competition. However some still managed to score well, with Terry Smallman scoring best, winning A Division with 38 points from Cynthia Draper on 36, with Robyn Robinson 3rd on 35 points on a countback from Dave Robinson - good for family harmony!

In B Division Coralie Volgyesi won with 36 points from Rusty Usmar with 30 points, 2nd on a countback from Ray Burrowes who came 3rd.

Kev Savage won the Men's approach (0.075m) on 110; the Combined approach (0.08m) on 413; while Cynthia Draper (1.12m) won the Ladies' approach on 615.

Craig Reynolds and Ray Walker (32 nett) led the Chook Run winners, followed by Ray Burrowes, Terry Smallman and Dave Robinson (33) on spins from unlucky others.

Next week we play a 4 bbb stableford - organise a partner and be ready for hit-off at noon. See you there.


Sunday, January 31 greeted 15 players to a rain free but overcast game of Stableford on the front nine. With wet fairways and slow greens a couple of players managed to come in with reasonable scores.

The winner for the day was Michael Stanton who came in with 21 and loses 2.4 from his handicap. Second place went to Domonic Mete with 20, loosing 2 from his handicap. In third place Diane Rowley with 17 and loosing .5. The combined longest drive went to Dave Durie who also took out the centre fairway shot, which were both nice drives. The combined nearest the pin on the 6th was won by Michael Stanton. All other pin and approach shots were wipes.

Next Sunday morning the monthly mug will be held which will be played over 18 holes. If you don't think you will be able to walk the 18 holes, please let the captain know and he will endeavour to put you into a cart with someone. Tee off time will be 7.30, followed by a light meal. As always new members and visitors are welcome.


Results from Veterans 18 Hole Stroke event played on Tuesday, January 26, for monthly medal

Winner: Norm Baker 75

Run Down: Brian Tobin, Kevin Shaw 76

Other Scores: Len Josey 76, Ron Beckey 82, Daryl Butler 86, Bruce McCormack 104, Margo Tuddenham NCR

Pin shot 7 and 16 Kevin Shaw

Approach Shot 9 18 Daryl Butler, 5 and 14 Len Josey

Putts Steve Kevin Shaw 24

Results from 18 Hole 2 Person Ambrose event played on Saturday, January 30:

Winners: Wayne Scott and Brian Stevens 62 ¾

Run Down: Scott Wallace and Ross Ronlund 64 ¼, Ivan Keune and Jesse Findlay 64 ½

Other Scores: John Bolt and Kevin Shaw 66 ½, Quinten Jensen and Jason Shield 69 ¼, Geoff Brandon and Peter Jenkins 70 ¼, Daryl Butler and Brian Tobin, Tracey Kuskey and Paul Fagan 70 ½

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Nil

Long Putt: Geoff Brandon

Next Week:

Saturday, February 6,Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug

Membership fees are now due.

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