SOLID HIT: Steve Nichols finds a gap and knocks up a couple of runs at the Salters Oval cricket match. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
SOLID HIT: Steve Nichols finds a gap and knocks up a couple of runs at the Salters Oval cricket match. Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail Paul Donaldson

Sports fixtures and results

THANKS to the contribution of hard-working volunteers from around Bundaberg's sporting community the NewsMail is able to post fixtures and results.

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Due to a printing error in Friday's NewsMail, the sports fixtures and results did not run. Please see below the weekend's sports detail.



Division 1 Saturday 11.30am. Field 1: L. Owens, M. Waters, A. Lankowski, K. Lankowski, C. Stitt, J. Healey, N. Trebbin, C. Duff, B. Cooper, L. Davies, D. Noffke,. J. Maughan 12th man.

Division 2 Sunday 8.30am. Field 3: J. Maughan, B. Cooper, C. Duff, A. Lankowski, M. Waters, C. Stitt, E. Petersen, J. Healey, A. Lutz, R. Sorrensen, H. Herbert.

Division 3 Saturday 11.30am. KENDALLS FLAT Fields 3 and 4: D. Unwin, J. Silcox, P. Cross, C. Murray, D. Schneider, A. Jackson, N. Stitt, M. Unwin, R. Sorrensen, T. Fulton, W. Barritt.

Div 4 Sunday 8.30am. Field 4: D. Holt, S. Adamson, B. Van Den Keiben, J. Wormington, M. Wormington, S. Gourley, L. Strahan, A. Shield, C. Neubecker, J. Larsen, H. Sinbadduna.

If any player is unable to play, please ring 0400 131 281.



Div 1 Saturday Noon ATW v Brothers Salter Oval F1, M Clarry K Cutler; Norths v Country Wests Salter Oval F3, P Denning J Pfingst.

Div 3 Saturday 11.30am Burnett Heads v Past Highs Kendalls F7, A McCloskey G Power; Country Wests v Isis Kendalls F2 L Bennett J Deem; Brothers v ATW Kendalls F3 D Graham W Loader.

Div 3 Saturday 2.30pm ATW v Burnett Heads Kendalls F7 D Graham W Loader; Isis v Past Highs Kendalls F2 L Bennett J Deem; Norths v Country Wests Kendalls F3 V Habermann G Power.

Div 2 Sunday 9am Norths v Brothers Salter Oval F1 D Graham N Stitt; Past Highs v ATW Salter Oval F3 W Loader J Pfingst.

Div 4 Sunday 9am Brothers Blue v Country Wests J Deem A McCloskey; ATW v Brothers Pink A Armstrong K Cutler.



RACE 01 MAIDEN 460M 1.30PM 1 One's Gone 2 Hello Broadcast 3 Yankee Deno 4 Wilby Flash 5 Wilby Magic 6 My New Mate 7 Misty's Charger 8 Ledaro Duo 9 Black Ice Cool 10 What A Man.

RACE 02 NOVICE 460M 1.50PM 1 Luminescent 2 Wilby Tenacious 3 Origin Fever 4 Wilby Unique 5 Shanae's Fantasy 6 Miss Hollyhock 7 Lil Bit Naughty 8 My Aunty Rose 9 Hit The Mark.

RACE 03 5TH GRADE 460M 2.10PM 1 Box Car Willie 2 Monsieur Cambla 3 Willo's Rocket 4 Spartan Speed 5 Pay The Vet 6 Go The Rabbits 7 Fusion Queen 8 Big Bad Cambla 9 Foxy In Blue 10 Wee Love Lisa.

RACE 04 5TH GRADE 460M 2.30PM 1 Fast And Wild 2 Fat Controller 3 Zippy Zilly 4 Yap Yap Panda 5 Hara's Darl 6 Octo Battle 7 Cambla Boy 8 Go Gentle 9 Four Way Heat 10 Heffner.

RACE 05 BUNDABERG OAKS PRELUDE 550M 2.50PM 1 Big Dream Daddy 2 Denise's Joy 3 Lois Faye 4 Knock Me 5 Vacant 6 Lay Down Teddy 7 Little Bomber 8 Regally Blue.

RACE 06 BUNDABERG DERBY PRELUDE 550M 3.10PM 1 Buzza The Punter 2 Quick Witted 3 Amazing Feet 4 Luna Racer 5 Magic Amerizo 6 Rhodian Sun 7 Tail It Up 8 Packer 9 Strong Diva 10 Zippy Zilly.

RACE 07 4TH GRADE 460M 3.30PM 1 Pretty Fast 2 Magic Dollar 3 Coin Of Phrase 4 Eye Deal 5 Vacant 6 As If 7 Hay Tooth Fairy 8 Wilby Mighty.

RACE 08 BEST 8 460M 3.50PM 1 Good Enough 2 Shadow Banker 3 Lorenzo's Gold 4 Cambla Girl 5 Vacant 6 Cambla Kid 7 Hell Raiser 8 Spring Money.

Indoor cricket


The draw for Indoor Cricket at the Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre 29 Bolewski St, phone 41531911. Wed 9th Oct 6.00pm Dickies Cons v NFI (Rob), Dead Beats v Snappers (Ben), 7.15pm Stormers v Polymen (Rob), Dux Nuts v Beaver Hunters (Ben), 8.45pm Turtlemen v Haz Beenz (Rob), Bush Rangers v MIP's (Aaron). Thurs 10th Oct 6.00pm Shafted v Run Outs (Rob), 7.15pm Anger Management v SnT (Rob), 8.45 Titans v Misfits (Ben).

Indoor netball


Draw for Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre 29 Bolewski St. Mon 7th Oct. 6.00 - Bright Sparks v Isagenix (Heather, Rachael). Repees v Avoca IGA (Betty, Jamie). 6. 45 - Yolo v Team Precision (Shelley, Demi). United v Bauers Butchery Blitz (Betty, Rachael). 7.30 - Flogged v Wild Cats (Heather, Betty). Tenpins v The Absoluts (Shelley, Patricia). 8.15 - No Names v Average Joe (Casey, Erin). Bundy Bears v Jordannas (Noela, Louise). 9.00 - Diamonds Divas v Banana Splits (Casey, Louise). Honey Bund v Pink Panthers (Lyn, Erin).

Tues 8th Oct. 4.00 - Junior C (Betty, Lyn). 5.00 - Junior A (Betty, Lyn). 6.00 - Chico Babes v Yummy Mummies (Betty, Kelly). Happy Chaps v MnD's (Heather, Rachael). 6.45 - The Interceptors v GCT (Noela, Rachael). Cruisers v Undecided (Heather, Tabitha). 7.30 - Wombles v Shock Horrors (Shelley, Damnette). Misfits v Charter Boat (Noela, Tabitha). 8.15 - Allsorts Blue v Allsorts Black (Lyn, Dalnette). Lunachix v Slick Chicks (Shelley, Kelly). Feeding The Ducks v Wii Unfit (Lyn, Noela).

Thurs 10th Oct. 6.00 - Dynamite Divas v Preppies (Betty, Shelley). 6.45 - Blooms v Bargara Real Estate (Betty, Shelley). 7.30 - Who Cares v Charlis Angels (Shelley, Betty). 8.15 - Smurfs v Golden Girls (Shelley, Betty).

Fri 11th Oct. 6.00 - Remix v Motley Crew (Betty, Rachael). The Vicious and Delicious v Supernova (Noela, Charmaine). 6.45 - Swoosh v Opitma (Betty, Rachael). Silent Killers v Better With Beer (Noela, Charmaine). 7.30 - Bazinga v Goonung (Betty, Shelley). WB IT's v Outlaws (Noela, Charmaine). 8.15 - Liquorice Allsorts v B.S.A. (Shelley, Casey). Rebels v The Minions (Lyn, Erin). 9.00 - Bundy Bears v Flick of the Wrist (Lyn, Casey). Boogers v T.G.I.F. (Shelley, Erin).

Byes. ANP Legends, F-Team, Soup0a-stars, Fusion, Walking the Dog.

For more information contact Lyn 41528298, the centre 41531911 or John 0458280446.



6pm: 1 Jago's Gypsys v McHugh Steel (A.Gordon), 2 Tatts Rats v Woodmac (B.Oliver), 3 Ace v Lemura Constructions (R.Hooper), 4 The Chasers v ICF (D.Dunn), 5 No One Cares v Printcipal Designs (J.Taylor), 6 All in Stone v BP Oilers (M.Hochen), 7 Misfits v KLR Contracting (S.Cavanough), 8 Crackers v Lifestyle Solutions (J.Gordon).

7pm: 1 BDB v Nufan (M.Hochen), 2 Shockers v Zonks (S.Cavanough), 3 The Crusaders v Eastenders (M.McPhilomey), 4 Cover it Resurfacing v FTB (D.Dunn), 5 Inkredibles v Black Magic (J.Gordon), 6 Proton Pills v Team Hunt (J.Taylor), 7 Amos Army v Presidents 11 (S.Essex), 8 Scorgasms v TNT (A.Gordon)

8pm: 1 CMC v Water Rats (M.McPhilomey), 2 Bamm K Zest v Callstacks (J.Gorrie), 3 1st Timers v Blackwoods (B.Oliver), 4 McColms v Bullants (M.Hochen), 5 Office National v Hotsteppers (D.Dunn). BYE: Brick Squad

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