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GOLF: Robert Craig playing a round of golf at Coral Cove Golf Club. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
GOLF: Robert Craig playing a round of golf at Coral Cove Golf Club. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet





RESULTS Wednesday $300 Day Winners - P Roebuck, L McMahon & R Chippendale. 1st Runners Up - W Conmey, G Giovannoni & L Steemson. 2nd Runners Up - W Geecee, H Geecee & J Kemp. Sportspeople - R Minally, N Mooney & G Donaldson. Saturday Winners - J Hayes & R Antrobus. Sportspeople - P Cremor & G Nielsen.Competition Call tomorrow Wednesday 3/4/13 "A" Singles Semi Final - R Machan v J Kemp, marker R Hopwood. Saturday 6/4/13 "A" Grade Pairs Final - R Machan & V Mallett v S Penningh & T McKewan.Coming events Thursday 4/4/13 $400 Day.



WEEKLY program, Today Ladies Social Afternoon. 1pm Start.

Thursday Mens Pairs. 1pm Start.

Saturday Social Open Pairs. 1pm Start.

Sunday Social Open Pairs. 1pm Start.

Monday Turkey Pairs. 1pm Start. 2 games of 11 ends.

Social results

Monday Turkey Pairs. Winners of Winners D Nicholson-R Trevor, Winners of Losers D Soderstrom-B McDermott.

Thursday Mens Pairs. Winners J Stedman-R Wilcox, R-Up R Cooper-B Nystrom, Losers1 M Schneid-J Murfett, Losers2 J Mahoney-N Pershouse.

Sunday Winners J & R McInally, Runners-Up G Crompton-C Pittaway.

Club Competition Results

A Pairs: K Pittaway-R Brown-d-D Nicholson-C Steinback 21-12.

A Singles Final: Jim See-d-G Whittaker 25-22.

Club Competition Call

Saturday 6th April.

A Pairs 1pm:

K Pittaway-R Brown-v-T Smith-John See; V Sauer-Rob Pershouse-v-B Mark-G Whittaker.

Sunday 7th April.

A Fours Final 1pm.

E Smith-M Ram-R Alder-G Whittaker-v-B Mark-K Pittaway-R Brown-B Nystrom.

Saturday April 13.

A Pairs 1pm.

J Thompson-P Bianchi-v-S Johnson-R Warburton,

E Smith-J Green-v-D Chapman-R Alder.

Sunday April 14.

A Pairs Semi-Finals 9am.

Winner (J Thompson-P Bianchi-v-S Johnson-R Warburton)-v-Winner(K Pittaway-R Brown-v-T Smith-John See),

Winner( V Sauer-Rob Pershouse-v-B Mark-G Whittaker)-v-Winner(E Smith-J Green-v-D Chapman-R Alder).

Sunday April 14

A Pairs Final 1pm.

District Mixed Pairs.

Nominations are now open for the District Mixed Pairs and close Wednesday April 17. They are played on Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th April.

Coming Events: Clubhouse closed Monday & Tuesday 15th & 16th April due to construction work on the roof, building etc. Starting on Wednesday April 17, the back green will be replaced. This will take about pproximately a week. Sunday April 21: Palm Lake Day. Open Triples. $300 cash. Postponed until May. Thursday April 25: Anzac Day Open Pairs. 1pm Start. $300 cash sponsored by the Vaschina Family. Postponed until Sunday April 28 due to green construction.



SOCIAL bowls today names in by 12.30 for 1pm play. Competition call for today Tuesday 2nd. C'ship Singles Round 1 play 9am - C Hunter -v- T Chippendale. J Stedman -v- J Cannon. A Goldsworthy -v- J Hearn. J Goldsworthy -v- S Bianchi. N Mickle -v- J Everett. Markers required - J McInally, G Crompton, K Cook, H Stewart, D Nicholas. Round 1 play 1pm - C Pittaway -v- A Brown. B Parker -v- J Novak. S Slater -v- A Pershouse. D Stephens -v- M Nicol. 4 markers required from morning losers. C'ship Singles Round 2 Tomorrow Wednesday 3rd play 9am - V Reitzenstein -v- J McInally. J Bartlett -v- G Crompton. K Cook -v- H Stewart. D Nicholas -v- winner of C Hunter & T Chippendale. Round 2 Tomorrow Wednesday 3rd play 1pm the winners from today Tuesday am & pm games. Ladies the nomination sheet for the C'ship Triples is on the notice board. Results of C'ship Pairs Semi Finals J Hearn, A Brown -d- D McCarthy, J Cannon. B Andrewartha, B Parker -d- K Cook, J Everett. Result of the Final was J Hearn, A Brown -d- B Andrewartha, B Parker in a very close finish. Congratulations to both teams.



THURSDAY 28th March-Winners,P. Archer,J. Sutherland,P. Winzen. Sportsperson T. Seawright,B Druce.

Saturday "Mens Championships Singles" Final. T. McCrystal def H. Kidd 25 to 12

Sunday Social Bowls 31st March Winners J.Kronenburg, J. Finemore, N. Mooney.

Sportsperson F. Trott, D. Gray, and B. Druce

Mens Championship Fours. Draw to be played on Saturday 6th April at 1pm. J. Schmidt, J. Farmer, N. Searle, L. Farmer vs T. Seawright, T. Lovett,

T. McCrystal, R. Lowndes. J.Killen,A. Koschenow, J.Field, B.Druce vs J.Finemore,L.Poulsen,H.Kidd,K.Small.

Office Duty Roster: Thursday N.Searle and R.Lowndes. Saturday J.Field Sunday J.Jucy, T.McCrystal

Social Bowls Men Women or mixed Triples or Pairs played on Thursday Saturday and Sunday. Visitors most welcome. Attire, club uniform/bowls wear, visitors mufti

All days names by 12:15pm start at 1pm . Name on the sheet provided at the Bowls Office phone 41527340 on playing days . Green fees $7

For free introductory lessons or coaching, phone D.Willsher on 41532531 or T.McCrystal on 41531349 or J.Lucy on 0407785838



TROPHY Winners: J Kronenburg P Archer S Heidke Sports Persons: M Higginbotham A Richardson (Marker) Competition Results: Championship Singles Round 1: B Lewis (d) M Higginbotham. J Luxton (d) D Killen. M Koschenow (d) L Dean.

Competition Call: tomorrow Wednesday April 3: Championship Singles Round 2 N Long (v) L Applin. J Albrecht (v) L Donaldson. P Archer (v) B Lewis. J Luxton (v) M Koschenow. Play or forfeit. Trial ends to be completed before start of play at 1pm.

Nominations for Championship Triples will open tomorrow. Closed & drawn after bowls April 17.

Social Bowls: Names on the sheet provided or phone 41527340 before 12.15pm for 1pm start. Pay green fees before 12.45pm.



WEEKS Results:- Tuesday winner W.Downie Losers A.Edgerton P.Brown. Thursday winners,$400 day A.Rohdmann J.Chalker B.Rohdmann. 1st Runners up W.Gee Kee H.Gee kee J.Kemp. 2nd Runners up S.Penning G.McCraken. R.Trevor.1st Sportsman's W.Downie J.Burmiester T.Banks.2nd Sportsman's J.Barrett C.Nielsen B.Elworthy. Saturday Winners P.Brown J.Craig H.Sparke. Competition results. Open Pairs M.Chequenot K.Allen Def. C.Rankin R.Ribbans.Selectors Tuesday P.Brown J.Francis. Thursday H.Sparke L.Nielsen. Saturday J.Craig J.Clough. Competition Call Saturday 6th April B Grade Pairs. W.Downie V.Smith Ver H.Bowtell F.Millerick.L.Nielsen A.Marcinkus Ver D.Mason J.Clough. Coming Events:- Thursday 4th April Birthday Boys. $30 Winners $20 Runners Up. Sunday  7th April Bundaberg Marineland Day. Mixed triples $1250 prize money ,3 games 16 ends 9am start. Sandwiches available at club.Tuesday April 23 Ross Gray $1500 Mens fours,3 games 16 ends starts 9am. Still some vacancies.Playing days Tuesday Thursday Saturday,Visitors and Ladies welcome. Phone the Club 41513183.



TUESDAY 26th March Winner: D Claridge, K Claridge 1st Runner Up: S Franks, O Newman 2nd Runner Up: A Collins, N Mooney 1st Sportsman: B Derepas, R Lewis 2nd Sportsman:B Cullen, L Long.

Thursday Bonanza Pairs 28th March Winner: Owen, Pug 1st Runner Up: Brenton, Speedy 2nd Runner Up: W McCurley, H Foster Sportsman: R Hawkins, O Korner. The Jackpot was not won and will be $405+ next week.

Saturday 30th March Winner: M Maclean, K Gray Sportsman: L Raines, E Cross. Open Singles N Cullen 25 d J Kajewski 3.

Events This Week - Entry sheets at the club or phone the club on 4151 4217.

Today esday 2nd April $300 "Open Triples" Names by 12.15pm Green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm. Casual neat dress. Selectors: John Barry, Keith Sinclair.

Thursday Night 4th April "Barefoot Bowls" under the lights for beginners and experienced bowlers. Here's a great way to enjoy a fun-filled night, and a chance at "Pick the Joker" which will be $387+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Casual neat dress. Names by 6pm Start 6.30 pm.

Friday 5th April 1pm start $300 Bonanza Pairs - Mens, Ladies or Mixed. Nomination sheet at the club. The jackpot was not won last week and will be $405+ next week. Players must be present to win the jackpot.

Saturday 6th April 9:30am Competition Open Singles S Franks v K Steel, R Hawkins v M Jeffs, K Claridge v K Gear, D Currie v D Hamilton, B Stephens v J Bawden, Markers G Law, P Busch, F Bygrave, D Hicks, K Sinclair. Play or forfeit. 1pm Open Singles K Ellis v Winner Franks/Steel, G Law v P Busch, F Bygrave v D Hicks, Winners of all morning games play again, Markers All losers of morning games. Play or forfeit. 1pm Social bowls "Open Pairs" Names by 12.15pm Green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm. Selectors: Ken Simpson, Keith Ware. Club AGM at 11:30am.

Coming Events; Competition will be called on the following dates. Players can organize to play games prior to the date they are called.

Saturday April 13 9:30am and 1pm Open Singles continue. Saturday April 20 9AM and 1PM Open Fours. Play, sub or forfeit. Competition games still to complete will be played on the following couple of weekends as all events must be completed for the start of Champion of Club Champions on May 18, 19.



CONGRATULATIONS to Y.Wilson, D.Baxter, J.Fourro, D.Wernbacher on Winning the Championships Fours.(WOF).

Winners last week were P.Ahern & J. Franks, R/U B.Cullen & L.Long.

Results of the Championship Pairs 1st Round G.Lock,Rl,Kemp d B.Stehbens & E. Strachan. B.Cullen & L.Long d J.Bedford & B.Gibson, P.Ahern & J.Franks d M.Sinclair & Y.Wilson. D.Cleeland & B.Fenton WOF.

Play for tomorrow  at 1 p.m. 2nd Round championship pairs is D.Dingle & D.Wernbacher V D.McCracken & C.Pickwick, A.Cummings & J.Sheargold V D.Baxter & J.Fourro, P. Ahern & J.Franks V D.Cleeland & B.Fenton. Play sub or Forfeit. The team for A.T.W. P.&P. afternoon is M.Sinclair,A.Cummings,N. Johnson,C.Pickwick. Ladies are reminded that there will be a mini cent sale tomorrow. Social selectors for tomorrow will be Liz Strachan and Nancy Johnson.



RESULTS: Tuesday 26th Mar: Winners: M. Flynn, P. Brodie, L. McIntyre..

No bowls on Good Friday.

Sunday 31st Mar. Winners: S. Gower, B. Bird, W. Rohdmann. Runners Up: F. Hussey-Smith, J. Chalker, W. Guppy.

Winners of Easter Raffle: 1st prize - P. Colclough; 2nd Prize - K. Gower.

The floods have not beaten us and we continue to play social bowls. Our Social Bowls Program: Today y, 12:30 for 1pm; Friday, 12:30pm for 1pm; Sunday, 9:00 for 9:30am start. Play to bell. Dress is mufti, flat soled shoes. All visitors, family groups and new bowlers are most welcome on any of these playing days. Sets of bowls for loan are available at the bowls club. For all information, call 41521040 or 41521412.



WINNERS for Thursday 28th March: P. Fagg, B. Murray, C.Taylor. Runners Up: F. Smith, G. Witt. Sportsmen award B. Foulger, H. Stauffer, K. Elmes.

Competition results C'ship pairs: B. Manwarring (sub), C. Johnson d. S. Hardwick, K. Almond. M. Stauffer (sub), C. Johnson d. N. Moriarty, V. McMah on extra end. Singles: V. McMah d. M. Smith. Competition call for Thursday 4th April: Final Championship pairs. G. Witt, T. Andrew v. C. Johnson, W. Campbell. Patroness pairs nomination sheet on board. This is a drawn and graded all day event nominations close 2nd May. Selectors Thursday 4th April K. Elmes, P. Grant. Ladies mens or mixed social bowls on Wednesday, Thursday Saturday & Sundays. Names in before 12.30pm for 1pm start. Phone: 41596167.



WINNERS Wednesday: P. Cloughessy & R. Lacy, R/U N. Ahern & N. Hall , Sportsman, A. Gill & P. Thorneycroft. Saturday: Lucky Players: S. Tessier, H. Schauffer, N. Hall, W. McAuley & C. Beckmann. Sun 31 Mar: Winners B & R. Manwarring, R/U J. Smart, S. Smart & G. Witt. Sportsman; K & A. Almond. Jackpot $425.00 Won by F. Smith. Competition Call for Club Singles Sat 6 Apr 10.30am start: J. Roberts V P. Cloughessy Marker P. Fagg, H. Stauffer V G. Whitehead Marker T. Roberts, G. Price V T. Connell Marker C. Beckmann, R. Lacy V N. Hall Marker A. Almond, C. Keirnan V P. Thorneycroft Marker N. Ahern, C. Davis V P Schweikert Marker R. Doran, W. Francis V M. Fitzpatrick Marker W. McAuley. AM Umpire D. Young. Sat 1pm. Winner J. Roberts/P. Cloughessy V Winner H. Stauffer/G. Whitehead. Winner G. Price/T.Connell V P. Fagg. Winner R. Lacy/ N.Hall V Winner C. Keirnan/ P. Thorneycroft. C. Beckmann V A. Almond. N. Ahern V T. Roberts. D. Young V R. Doran. All losers AM game to mark 1pm game. Umpire PM games; B. Smith. COMING EVENTS: Wed 3 Apr Turkey Pairs; Wed 10 Apr $400 Triples 1pm bus available from Bundy rink Rod 0413050786: Wednesday April 17 Palm Lakes Resort Bargara sponsored $300 Seafood Triples 1pm ( all trophies seafood trays from Grunskeys. Selectors tomorrow Wed 3 Apr: N. Hall & R. Doran Saturday Social Bowls J. Fossey. Sunday K. Elmes & M. Fitzpatrick. Coaching: Ph Kyra 41592540 or Bob 41593338. All Social Games men, ladies or mixed names in by 12.30 for a 1pm start. ph Club 41596167



SATURDAY 30th March Bruce Sellers & John Finlay's Day, 30 bowlers & visitors enjoyed the afternoon winners were H Cappetta M Leather & A Porter runners up I McClure J Leather J Cappetta.

Sunday 31st 19 bowlers & visitors played social bowls winners of the day were M Bust & J Mills.

Coming events Saturday 6th Men's Championship Singles R1, J Cummins vs T Wedel, B Wastie vs B Payne, R Pollock vs A Porter, J Cappetta vs B Rossitt, P Baker vs R Manderson, B Sellers vs K Shield. Markers to be confirmed

Sunday 7th Mixed Rinks R1 J Leather M Leather B Payne K Shield vs E Purkis M Bust H Cappetta J Cappetta, T Zimitat C Manderson I McClure R Manderson vs P Sellers B Sellers C Millerick B Millerick, D Stevens J Manderson J Penwright P Baker vs G Stallan P Stallan R Wedel T Wedel. Saturday 13th Men's Championship Singles R2. Sunday14th Mixed Rinks R2.



RESULTS from Wednesday  27th Championship Fours R5 Team 1 def Team 5 & Team 4 def Team 2. Final results of Championship Fours Winners Team 1 D Hurst M McNally P Sellers J Davey 6pts +28, Runners Up Team 5 C Manderson G Stallan S Warren M Leather 6pts + 23.

TomorrowWed 3rd April Ladies meeting at 10am. 12 Noon Championship Singles R1, P Sellers vs M Wilkins (A Stevens) R Wedel vs A Cenita (J Penwright) H Cappetta vs B Millerick (B Stevens) J Wilson vs K Wylie (D Hurst) J Davey vs H Myers (C Millerick) C Manderson vs T Zimitat (J Shaw) Selector M Wilkins.

Wednesday 10th Games Directors Trophy Day.



Coming events THURSDAY mens pairs or triples for cash prize jackpot is now $880 Sat 6th & 7th mixed pairs or triples. Competition Saturday 6th at 1pm open singles R.Trudgian v G.skelly L.Brown v G.Jackson, G.Rosmalen v A.Strowger, B.Harris v J.Gaffney. B grade single V.Muscat v A.Massey, S.Fryer v D.Kenyon, N.Mitchell v D.Harris any B grade player who can not play please advise Geoff hicks phone 41522732. 6 markers required Sunday 7th April at 1pm semi-final open pairs Steve Carney, A.Carney v G.Eldridge, M.Mizzi open singles winner Trudgian, Skelly v winner Brown, Jackson winner Rosmalen, Strowger - Harris, Gaffney will depend on results sat.

Results competition B grade singles P.Todd d T.Tyrell.



RESULTS of Championship Singles:- C.McClelland (def) P.Rush; L.Townson   (def) J.Classen; B.Trudgian (def) L.Lovatt; and C.Strowger (def) E.Tippett.

Call for today, Semi Final Championship Singles:- C.McClelland - v - L.Townson marker P.Rush; and B.Trudgian - v - C.Strowger marker J.Classen.

The Final to be played April 16.

Winners last week were L.Townson & A.Williamson; and Sportsmen were E.Tippett & A.McMahon.

A reminder to members to bring a $5 gift (unused) for our Golden Sands cent sale. Our Golden Sands Triples Carnival will be held April 9 and 10

Selector's Box for April 16 is J.Mizzi & D.Franklin; and D.Millar & C.McClelland are on the Produce Table.



Past Presidents TEAM For Moore Park April 14, Division president Alvin's day is B Pownell, T Seawright, K Small and L Edwards.

This year's Presidents tour departs Bundaberg August 27, We are booked out at this stage and Ivan is taking reserve names.

48 players are required for the Allan Davis Shield. Date or Venue could be changed as Miriam Vale is not available on Sunday 2nd June. Watch for further details. Names to John Kemp 41531608.

Ladies President's day is on April 14 at Burnett. Teams of three are required, or single entries can be placed in teams. Please support our Ladies.

Men's meeting on Saturday April 13 at 9AM at Burnett Bowls Club

Good Bowling to all members going to the state carnival in May.



PRESIDENT Daphne invites all members to her Presidents afternoon on Sunday 14th starting at 1 Burnett Bowls Club. Teams of triples or single names taken by Games Director Betty ph. 41547922 or ph. the Club by 12 -30pm on the day.



Club Trophy Winners: Wednesday, F Hussey-Smith, H Abdy, C Stark.

Easter Saturday, Bowlers enjoyed the afternoon on the greens despite the earlier showers.

Competition call: Saturday, B Grade Fours, W Watson, C Stark, L Whalley and B Naumann vs R Greig, G Slater, H Abdy and

D Crook.

Coming events: Reminder, the visit to Burgowan is on April 21.Vacancies are available for those Bowlers wishing to attend. Program: Tomorrow Wednesday, Men's Ladies or mixed pairs, self/table selected. 1pm start. Saturday, Men's Ladies or mixed pairs, self/table selected 1pm start.

Visitors are always welcome. For all inquiries Phone the Club on 41513345, Club mobile 0437 610 533 or Clive Stark, mobile 0414 253 159.



A GREAT afternoon held for our Pre-Easter Celebrations on Tuesday. Thanks to Burnett Club for the use of their greens. A very big Thank You to the Burnett Ladies for all their assistance in running the day.It was much appreciated. Trophy Winners were L. Cresswell: B. Murray: J. Goldsworthy: D. McCracken.Runners Up were Leona Kelly: Suzanne Weirs: Hilda Danziger: S. Renouf. Thank you to all the ladies who attended.We will be holding our regular Card Party at 1pm. on Monday the April 8 at Burnett Bowls Club. See you there.



NEXT game for Bundaberg Q.R.I. bowlers will be mixed pairs for trophies kindly donated by Gordon McCracken and Fred Bainbridge on Sunday morning 7th April starting at 9.30am, with names to be on the sheet at Burnett Bowls Club by 9 am on the day of play.





RESULTS of Across The Waves Golf Club Bogey event held Sunday 31st March at the Bargara Golf Course; Winner - Bernie Fogarty +9. Runner Up - Steve Uppman +5. A Grade Winner - Ketih Ballin +2. B Grade - Gerry Godbold +2 c/b. Golden Circle on 3rd Hole - Gary Hack. Pin Shot 5th Hole - Bare . Approach Shot 8th Hole - Ron Lowe 3.50m, Bernie Fogarty 4.30m, Gary Hack 5.22m. Approach Shot 13th Hole - Steve Hack 5.80m. Pin Shot 15th Hole - Bernie Fogarty 5m, Ian McCloskey 8.73m, Steve Hack 8.80m. Matchplay for 2013 is to start in April. Draw to be with financial members only. First game to be completed by end of April. Next week's event is a Monthly Medal Stroke to be held at the Bargara Course, tee off at 6:00am. Field Roster Out: Dave Legend Bunyoung; In: Gary Chunky Martin.



THURSDAY: Comp: Stableford; Winners: Div 1: Ray Austin 42 Pts c/b; R/Up: David McKean 42 Pts; Div 2: Bob Warren 43 Pts; R/Up: Peter Wallis 40 Pts c/b;

Rundown: B Taylor, S Moras, W McNee 41, C Wake, K Ford, L Dederer, J Leigh (O/Pk) 40, M Dillon (4964), F Plant, J Curd, A Sykes, P Harrison 39, P Wheatley,

P Landon, L Glass 38 ; Approach 8th: I Robinson 1.95, K Ford, M Paul, B Butler, W McNee, A Hopp, P Stephenson 4.87; Approach 13th: C Wake 1.43, G Campbell, B Butler, S Moras, W Cook, F Plant, P Wheatley 4.87; Pro's Pin 5th: D McKean .56, S Moras, G Bland, C Wake, B Philip, J Leigh, R Mason, P Manning, W Jennings 4.03;

Pro's Pin 15th: B Law 1.28, P Wallis, W Jennings, B Butler, J Curd, P Wheatley, M Paul, T Plant, R Toovey 6.52

Saturday: Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal; Winners: A Gr: Snowy Dudarko 64; B1: Ken Silcox 66; B2: Steve Checker 67 c/b; C Gr: Chris Baldwin 70 c/b; Gross: A Gr: Ian Stables (Oxl) 76 c/b; B1: Jarrod Murphy 78; B2: Garry Williams 85 c/b; C Gr: Ian McCloskey 92; Best Overall Nett: Jarrod Murphy (Glenelg) 62; Golden Circle won by Peter Hayes .11; Rundown: I Stables (Oxley) 66, G Williams 67, G McCracken, J Ward (H/B), A Bainbridge 68, G Cahill, R Austin 69, L Corley, D Birks, G Mogridge, I McCloskey, P Harrison 70, B Whitbread, D Banks, P Landon, W Jennings, B Warren, G McLeod, I Smallwood, B Sheehan, I Robinson, E Jonson 71; Pinshot 5th: John Plant (Vis) .66, S List, P Wheatley, J Smits, A Kerr, A Klinstrom, G Mogridge, G Lewis, J Butler, G McLeod 8.10; Approach 10th: T McNally 1.15, K Silcox, S White, B Austin, B Whitbread, P Landon, D Lewis, B Durnford, J Butler, S Checker 5.32; Pro's Pin 3rd: S Checker 1.40, S Dudarko, L Corley, P Johnson, P Stephenson, S Ambrose (Vis), P Wheatley, P Landon, L Stephenson, D Lewis 7.61; Pro's Pin 15th: P Hayes .11, B Worthington, L Stephenson, S Marsen, S Moras, S Dudarko, G Ezzy, E Johnson, L Jones, P Harrison, L McKinney, P Johnson 4.71; Next Comp: Thursday: 4BBB Stroke; Saturday: Stroke Monthly Medal



TUESDAY: Comp: Stroke Monthly Medal; Women: Div 1: Leone Burton 68; Div 2: Sheila Connell 69; Div 3: Marion May 76; Gross: Div 1: Leone Burton 85; Div 2: Sheila Connell 97; Div 3: Marion May 109; Rundown: C Algie 70, K Brock C Bloem 71, A Dillon, J Williams 73, C Carter 75, W McNamara, J Brown, L Collins 76, M Price, T Lawes, B Scherer 77; Approach 3rd: (Sponsored by Bundaberg RSL) Div 1: C Algie (In Hole); Div 2: C Bloem .72; Approach 13th: Div 1: J McLaughlan .39; Div 2: S Connell 1.26; Pro's Approach 5th: L Burton .50, K Craig, T Lawes, M Hall 1.07; Pro's Approach 15th: K Owens .13, P McKewen, B Charters, C Algie .51

Men: Div 1:Ray Austin 68; Div 2: Bill Plant 66; Div 3: Barry Inglis 67;

Div 4: Bob MacKenzie 68; Gross: Div 1: Ray Austin 81; Div 2: Bill Plant 84; Div 3: Barry Inglis 89; Div 4: Bob MacKenzie 95; Rundown: N Lund, P Bianchi 68, I Johnson 69, K Williams, H Collins 70, G Kennedy, P Landon, A Parnell, L Glass, B Henry 71, G Williams, D Birks, V Neller, G Peard, P Manning, K Atkins 72; Pinshot 3rd: Sponsored by Bundaberg RSL): Div 1: D Bowman 4.05;Div 2: Dan Moynihan 7.63; Approach 13th: Div 1: R Austin 2.15; Div 2: D McKewen 6.53; Pro's Pin 5th: B Tryhorn 1.55, B Philip, J Killen, R Craig, R Howard, G Bland 13.75; Pro's Pin 15th: K Williams 1.50, K Price, D Jones, R Mason, B Philip, K Atkins, A Maxwell, B Warren, J Killen, Pat Cuskelly 10.76; Next Comp: Tonight: Stableford



THURSDAY: Comp: Stableford; Winners: Div 1: Jenny Turner 37 Pts c/b; Div 2: Leone Collins 41 Pts; Rundown: C Christensen, S Reed 37, D Collins, B Brabon 36, J Stapleton, K Brock, A Dillon 35, M Zande 34 c/b; Approach 3rd: J Turner .76, B Brabon, C Green, D Collins 1.10; Pro's Pin 15th: R Aydon 5.45, S Reed, A Dillon 7.61

Saturday: Comp: Stableford; Winner: Kathy McDonnell 39 Pts ; Rundown: C Zande 37, J Stapleton, F Taylor, B Scherer 36, J Milton, E Kerr 35, S Spaar 34 c/b;

Approach 3rd: J Stapleton (In Hole), M Cotter, M Marsden .40; Pro's Pin 15th: M Zande 2.13, K McDonnell 3.36; Next Comp: Thurs 4th: 4BBB Stableford; Saturday: Stableford



Wednesday: 12 Hole Gross: John See 41;R/Up: Bob McPhail 42; 1st Six: Rob Brown 20 ½; R/Up: Doug Habermann 22; 2nd Six: Ivan groves 21; R/Up: Ian Taylor 22 ½; Gross: Neil Rasmussen 52; Birdies: Greg Weekes 2; Putts: Warren Jennings 17; Pinshot: Rob Brown 1.05, Denis O'Brien 8.01; Approach: Steve King 4.55, John See 3.66; The Shed Company Lucky Draw: Brian Head



SUNDAY March 24 was a stroke medley and winning with 66 nett Rob Asnicar. Consolations to M Hess 69; P Herwig, T Hall 70. Pro pinshot on the 2nd R Asnicar 6.12 and the 4th T McLeod 5.29. Easter Saturday Open Stroke event and the A Grade winner was Philip Slade (Mt. Warren) with 67 nett runner-up David Gordon 68 nett and in B grade winner Ferghas McCosh 67 nett runner-up Edwin Albances 68 c/b. Consolations R Macinnes, C Georgiu 68; G Goulding, D Leet, J Bull, D Petersen, M Wooldridge 69; K Thompson, T Pashley, E Keily, N Pashley, B Holman 70; B Wooldridge, W Peake , A Rennick 71. Approaches on the 7th and 13th both won by Alan Rennick 3.61 and .91. Pro's pinshots 2nd D Brooks .25, C Georgiu, C Redshaw, E Albances 3.17. 4th D Petersen 3.01, R Macinnes, B Foster, J Hollands 4.29. 8th K Thompson .93, D Petersen, Ken Barritt, G Hunt 3.32. 14th B Douglas 1.53, B Wooldridge, R Clark, F McCosh 2.70. Competitions this weekend: Saturday April 6 is a stroke, monthly medals and Sunday Stableford Medley. Club Championships commence Saturday April 27.



THE COMPETITION on Thursday was a stableford. Winner Leo DeGeorge 43 c/b from runner-up Ken Thompson 43. Consolations D Black42; C Martin, D Fraser 40; C Gibbons, E Martin 37; J Curtin, W Davis 36. Approaches on 3 and 12 K Thompson 3.25 and .20. Pinshots, 2nd Adam Rayner 3.41, J Curtin 3.55. 4th Adam Rayner 2.53, W Davis 2.86. 8th hole Congratulations Patron Reg Rowe for your hole-in-one, great shot, C Gibbons .60. 14th J McDowell 1.48, K Thompson 1.84. Thursday April 4 will be a bogey.



WEDNESDAY March 27 was a stroke, monthly medals and putting. Division 1 winner Chris Redshaw net 69 and the gross to Miriam Newman 89. In division 2 Lorraine McArthur 73 nett and Margaret McQuire was the gross winner with 103. Consolations B Ramalli 75; L Bunker, K Tischler, P MacDonald 76; A Chalmers, M McQuire 77; D Kleidon 78; J Davis, M Shailer, B Dummer, J Petterson 79; W Short 81; K Goleby, L Loveday, A Neill, V Earney 82; H Akacich 83. Club approaches 14th division 1 J Petterson in the hole, B Ramalli .48 and division 2 M Shailer .64, H Akacich 1.40. 17th approach A Chalmers .53, Mi Newman, L Loveday, H Akacich 2.40. Pros approach, 4th W Short in the hole, L McArthur, J Wilson, Mi Newman, K Goleby J Davis 1.35 and the 8th hole L Bunker .17, K Tischler, J Faithfull, Mi Newman, J Petterson, L Loveday 1.12. Easter Saturday the competition was a stroke for trophies by Beemart Enterprises (Nev and Jason Beeston). Division 1 Jeanette Baughurst 72 nett and division 2 Isabella Artcheua 70 nett. Consolations A Harvey, H Slade (Mackay) 73; M Ryan (Mt. Warren Park) 75; K Thompson 76; C Nicholas, W Short 77; A Chalmers, A Leet 80 c/b. Club approach on the 14th B Dummer .24 and division 2 A Neill .41 and on the 17th approach A Chalmers 1.23, I Artcheua 1.94. Competitions this week: Tomorrow ednesday April 3 is a 4 BBB stroke, cards Beth Dummer raffle Helen Akacich, trophies by Campbell Gradon at Crofton Street Pharmacy. Saturday April 6 is a stroke and monthly medals. Keep in mind Gin Gin Ladies Carnival Sunday April 14.



MENS Gross Winner T.Dreier 78 Ladies Gross Winner G.Daly 90 Mens best net G.Branson 64 Ladies Best Nett F.Kehl Overall Runner up best nett T.Dreier 66 Rundown J.Mcintyre 68 D.Draper 70 M.Fitzpatrick 70 R.Mackie 71cb N.T.P's 2nd F.Jefferies 1.78 8th D.Draper 2.18 10th D.Draper 2.80 16th J.Patterson 3.58 Men's Approach T.Smith Ladies Approach G.Daly.

28.03.13 Thursday Single Stableford 1st P.Plasto 45 2nd J.Fields 44 3rd E.Smith 44 4th M.Bonnor 42 5th J.Gorrie 40cb N.T.P's T.Dreier 1.47 8th J.Gorrie 3.12 10th R.Craig 1.79 16th H.Dobell 0.86

2013 Breeze Homes Easter Classic: 36 hole overall net winner I.Stalling 136 runner up J.Best 140 36 hole gross winner S.Hodgetts 152cb 36 hole best net ladies R.Lay Saturday A-Grade winner N.Schneider 68 B-Grade R.Meacle 67 C-Grade J.Fields 70 Ladies J.Brown 70 Sunday A-Grade winner W.Jennings 67 B-Grade B.Anderson 66 C-Grade K.Ritche 63 Ladies M.Marsden 73cb N.T.P's Saturday 2nd P.Green 11.67 K.Craig 7.79 10th C.Magoffin 4.50 16th D.Yule 2.20 B.Rackermann 4.40 17th M.Schneider 2.04 M.Marsden 6.23 N.T.P's Sunday 2nd Z.Borg 5.08 J.Marshall 6.30 10th C.Dougall 1.77 A.Norton 5.80 16th R.Meacle 2.06 K.Craig 3.30 17th R.Borg 1.46 D.Clark 7.39 Saturday Longest Drive A-Grade S.Hodgetts B-Grade W.Norton C-Grade A.Jenson Ladies K.Craig Sunday Longest Drive A-Grade C.Magoffin B-Grade T.Borg C-Grade No winner Ladies J.Graham Pro Pin 8th Saturday Div 1 0-18 B.Williams 6.80 Div 2 19-36 J.Hall Ladies J.Graham 16.40 Pro Pin 8th Sunday Div 1 I Stalling 2.24 Div 2 W.Norton 2.77 Ladies A.Norton 5.41.



RESULTS from Veterans Golf played on Tuesday26th March, 2013, Monthly Medal Day -Stroke event

Winner: Cathy Allen 67

Run Down: Norm Baker 70, Brian Tobin 71, Jim Manderson Snr 75

Other Scores: Barry Clapperton 75, Bill Blackburn 76, Carol Martin 77, Len Josey 78, Neil Kellie 81, Jim Manderson Jnr 83, John Bolt NCR

Pin Shot 7 and 16 Neil Kellie

Approach Shot 2 and 11 Bill Blackburn, 6 and 15 Barrie Clapperton, 9 and 18, Jim Manderson Jnr.

Putts: Cathy Allen 28

Raffle: Brian Tobin

Results from 18 Hole Bogey event on Saturday 30th March, 2013

Winner Wayne Scott +3

Run Down: Jesse Findlay +2, Ross Ronlund +1, Geoff Brandon Sq

Other Scores: Ivan Keune -6

Pin shot: Ivan Keune

Next 19th Hole - Friday 5th April, 2013 - Doors open 5.30 p.m.

This Weekend: Saturday 6th April - Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug

Draw for Club matchplay to be played on Saturday April 13: D Butler v N Kellie, G Russell v J Manderson jnr B Stevens v M Small, J Manderson snr v R Ronlund I Stonley v W Campbell, L Cislowski v I Keune I Llold v P Jones, J Findlay v B Blackburn L Josey v J Bolt, S Warren v G Brandon T Kuskey v S Wallace, B Baxter v G Jays B Tobin v A Davies, W Scott v A McIntyre J Gabbert v M Stevens, N Baker v R Moller.

Sunday 14th, Gin Gin Ladies Open Day - Nominations to Jenny Jones 41572348



TUESDAY 26th March. Veterans Monthly Medal Stroke Event. Medal Winner:- Merv Walton 63c/b. Gross Winner:- Alf Geary 72. N.T.P.16:- Clive Rickards. Putts:- Don Nasmyth 26. Mens G.C. 8. & Ladies G.C.16. both Jackpot to 9 Balls each. Todays Game is Stroke Event. Tee Off 7-00am, Shotgun Start, Draw for Scoring Partner.

Wednesday Frothblowers Front Nine Stroke Event. Nett Winner:- Alf Geary 13c/b. Nett Runner Up:- Phil Wardrope 13. Putts:- Clive Rickards 12. Mens Approach 4:- Alf Geary. Mystery Hole:- Jay Wilkinson. Bradmans:- Leeann Vale.

Friday 29th March. Chook Run. Winner:- Alf Geary 25c/b. This Friday 5th April. the Chook is on the Back Nine.

Sunday Social Golf Single Stableford Event. Winner:- Merv Walton 39. Runner Up:- Tony Hudson 38c/b. N.T.P.8:- Des Brandt. N.T.P. 13 & 16:- Nick Kustalas. Approach 18:----. This Sunday 7th April 2013 Versus Par Event. Tee Off 7-30am. Shotgun Start. Draw for Scoring Partner. Thank You to Barry & Joyce for Conducting the Easter Raffle which was a Great Success. The Winners were:- 1st Prize, Ray Clarke. 2nd Prize, Sarah Cutler & 3rd Prize, Robyn Walton. Thank You to all who supported our Raffle. Half Price Golf every Monday, Thursday & after 1-00pm Sundays. (Public Holidays excepted.) Snacks & Lunches available from Bar every Day. Restaurant Open Friday & Saturday Nights, with an Early Bird menu available. Thursday Nights are all you can eat Buffet Nights, $16-50 per Adult Person & a Childrens Menu available. Mini Golf Open every Day. Courtesy Bus available for all Club House events Phone 41593489 to Book. Dont forget Saturday April 13, 3 Person Ambrose XXXX Sponsored Fundraiser Day. Tee Off 12-30 pm. Cost $20 per Person. Phone Club 41593489 to Book Your Team or for more Information.



MONDAY, 25 Mar, Ladies 9 hole competition Winner: Dawn Boyce 26 NettWednesday, 27 Mar, Oakwood Vets: StablefordWinner: Gary Hay 41 Pts C/B, Runner up: Jim Redshaw 41 Pts.Consolations: Ross Hussey 38 Pts.Pins Shots - NTP Hole 11: Bev Standen, Approach Hole 18: Nick Warner, Approach Hole 8: Jill Rogers, The Nest: Rod Arstall - 4

Balls.Thursday, 28 Mar, The Retirees Club - Winner: Steve Timmins 68 Nett, Second: Don Nuzda 69 Nett C/B, Third: Ron Stayte 69 Nett, Putts - 9 Holes: Don Nuzda 13, 18 Holes: Ian Bloom 27. Pin Shots - Pin 8: Jim Redshaw, Pin 11: Ian Bloom.

Friday, 29 Mar, Chook Run:Winner: Steve Timmins 20 Pts, Second: Ian Bloom 10 Pts.

Saturday, 30 Mar, Stableford.Winner: Eddie Richardson 41 Pts, Runner up: Jim Redshaw 40 Pts.Consolations: Rusty Roberts 40, Ron Stayte 40, Wayne Stacpoole 39, Gary Hay 37, Norm Giles 37, Don Nuzda 37.Pins Shots - NTP Hole 10: Steve Timmins, NTP Hole 11: Jim Redshaw, Approach Hole 18: David Caflisch.

Sunday, 31 Mar, Flag Event.Winner: Ron Stayte 61, Runner up: David Doyle 65. Consolations: Ros Savidge 67, Bob Blinco 67.Pins Shots - NTP Hole 10: Steve Buxton, NTP Hole 11: Steve Buxton, Approach Hole 18: David Doyle.

This coming week: Wednesday, 3 Apr,Vets - Monthly Medal.Thursday, 4 Apr, Retirees Social Group - New Retirees Players welcome -7:30 Tee off.Friday, 5 Apr, Chook run - Social Players welcome.Saturday, 6 Apr, Monthly Medal.Sunday, 7 Apr, Stableford. Monday, 8 Apr, Ladies 9 hole competition Tee Off 8:30am.Don't forget cheap Mondays, $8 Nine Holes - $12 Eighteen Holes, Tuesdays $10 Nine Holes - $13 Eighteen Holes & Thursday, $8 Nine

Holes - $10 Eighteen Holes - bring a friend and enjoy the challenge.

For any information on any events, call Oakwood Park golf Course 41520659 Email:



ON SUNDAY members played a 4BBB Stableford at Bundaberg Golf Club. Winners Craig Clarke and Les Tronc 47pts. Runners Up Ken Duffy and Cec Martin 46pts. Pinshots 2nd Glen Darby 4th Craig Clarke 8th Craig Clarke 14th Gary Marsden 17th Ernie Rethamel Approaches 3rd Geoff Ferguson 7th Trevor McLeod 13th Lionel Bust 17th o/25 Paul Welsh jnr. Next Sunday will be a Single Stroke in conjunction with 2nd round of Single Matchplay at Bundaberg Golf Club.



SATURDAY Date; 27th March 2013.

At Venue; Oakwood Park Golf Course Stroke (MM) & Putts Winners: Gary Hay 59pts; 1st Runner Up; Ross Hussey 64pts; 2nd Runner Up; Russell Maudsley 65 pts;Pin Shot; Jim Redshaw; Approach Shot; Gary Hay

Our next game will be held at Bargara Golf Club and we will be playing a 2 Pers Ambrose event hitting off at 7.30am.


Sport General



ATTENDANCE on Monday 25 March, 3 adults attended.

On Wednesday 27 March, 12 players attended.

Club Memberships for year ending 30 June 2013

To date, 37 members have paid their memberships!!

2013 Club Championships

The following information has been supplied by Director of Play Keith McLeod; The preliminary rounds of the Club Championship will be held on Sunday May 12th starting at 9a.m. in the U3A building. Depending on numbers in each streamed group further rounds may be held the following Sunday 19th May. If anyone cannot be available on these dates please inform Allan immediately as alternative times may be arranged e g on Monday and Wednesday nights in the following week. Games will be rated so will be played under strict tournament conditions. Groups will be finalised when all entries are received. If you have not advised that you want to play in the championship, advice must be received by the Secretary before next Wednesday.

A trophy will be presented to the winners of each group and the overall winner of the championship.

A random participation trophy will be presented to some player who has played all their games in their group.

Upgrade from Messenger to Skype

I recently upgraded from Messenger to Skype and unfortunately lost some of my skype contacts during the upgrade. Everyone who is on messenger will be required to upgrade to skype in the next few weeks as messenger is going out of operation and everything is going through Skype.

Can you please send me an invite for a skype contact if you were in my messenger account? My skype id is menhamat

Tie Break Systems

Ever wondered what those terms mean on Swiss Perfect printouts eg M-Buch, Buch, Progr ?

Tie-Breaks are used to rank players within point groups. In other words to break ties between players on the same score. The following systems are most commonly used in Swiss tournaments and are supported by Swiss Perfect:

1. Buchholz

This is the sum of opponents' scores. The idea is that the same score is more valuable if achieved against players with better performances in a given tournament.

Looks like an ideal tie-breaking method and has been used since the Swiss system was invented.

However it has some weaknesses which are addressed by other methods (see Median-Buchholz, Progress below).

2. Median-Buchholz

Same as above but after leaving out the highest and the lowest scoring opponents. Swiss Perfect allows configurable number of highest and lowest scoring opponents to be left out (0,1 or 2)

Its idea is to eliminate distortions in Buchholz values caused by taking into account games against run-away winners and bottom placed players.

3. Progress

Calculated by adding points from a progress table eg if your scores were: Win, Loss, Win Draw then your progressive scores are 1, 1, 2, 2.5 and your Progress tie-break value is 6.5

This is an attempt to put a higher value on scores which were achieved by scoring better in the initial rounds than by finishing from behind. It is common knowledge that the latter is usually much easier to achieve.

The problem is that the order of the Progress tie-breaks is known before the last round (last round scores will change the actual value but not the order within a point group). This may encourage some undesirable tournament "tactics" in the last round.

Nightly Fees

At the last Committee Meeting, it was decided to give players the following option for payment of nightly fees from 1 July 2013:-

A yearly payment of $120 to cover playing on Wednesday nights for a full year.

A yearly payment of $150 to cover playing on Monday and Wednesday nights for a full year.

This is a saving for regular players.

Members can still pay nightly if they wish.

As a special promotion no playing fees will be payable on Monday nights until 30 June!!

Weekly Club Newsletter

Club members receive the Newsletter weekly. Non members receive the newsletter periodically. If you are not a club member but would like the newsletter weekly, please advise the Secretary.

Chess Etiquette/Chess Rules

If any member has any queries about chess etiquette or chess rules, please email me and I shall try to answer it for you. Last newsletter I mentioned about the positioning of the boards.

What if you were playing a game with fifteen minutes on the clock and ended up in a king and queen against a king and queen ending, or a rook and king against a rook and king. Player A has 20 seconds left on the clock and Player B has three minutes left on the clock.

Player A stops the clock and asks the Arbiter to declare the game a draw. I think the arbiter would grant the request and tell the players the game is a draw.

A look at Section 10(2) of the Laws of Chess would be beneficial. Also how does one interpret the two words "normal means?"

However if you were playing with one hour on the clock and ten second increments, it would probably be a different story!! The fifty move rule would probably apply unless one of the players made a boo boo.

Club Ratings

The club ratings as at March 2013 have now been completed. CAQ and QJ ratings have been used as a guide. If there are no CAQ ratings or QJ ratings available, a best judgment has been made.

If you disagree with the rating allocated then all you have to do is to play a higher rated player and win against that player two times running. Clocks must be used with at least 20 minutes on each clock. You will then be allocated a rating similar to the player you defeated two times running. I hope you all think that is fair!!!

Great Chess Learning Sites; If you want a great site to improve your chess go to and click on the item how to get to 1900.

Adults and Children can benefit by using the site.

Also is a good site for children (and maybe adults also!!)

WBN Gardiner Chess School Team Championships at Walkervale

The first round of these team championships was held on Monday 25 March. In view of the recent flood problems in Bundaberg, Gardiner Chess gave free entry to competitors!! This was a great bonus for all competitors.

Seventy children competed in this tournament and check and checkmate were two words heard throughout the day many times.

Twenty teams competed but not all teams had four participants. Teams came from both the Primary and Secondary schools in Bundaberg with teams also coming from Moore Park and Goodwood.

Top team of the day was Norville 1 who gained 23 points on the day. They were closely followed by their rivals Walkervale 1 who gained 21 points with Kepnock SHS 1 in third place with 20 points.

Top player of the day was up and coming Junior Player Bryce Rosser with 7.5 points out of 8. He was closely followed by Branyon Apel with 7 points out of 8 and Jack Betts with 6.5 points out of 8.

A special mention should be made of the great effort of young Craig Hawker who is in Grade 1 at Goodwood. He gained 4.5 points out of 8 and came 22 nd out of the 70 competitors. He will be one to watch in the future!!

Bundaberg Chess Club Secretary Allan Menham who was in attendance said there were many close games. This augurs well for chess in Bundaberg. Most schools in Bundaberg have active chess clubs.

The Chess Club's DGT Board was used at the Tournament. This enabled the games on Board One to be projected onto a large white screen on the stage area and people in the room could follow the games on Board 1.

22 May will be the second round and 6 August will be the third round, with the State Finals in Brisbane on 19/20 October.

Three Monthly Club Dinner; It has been decided to hold the Dinner at John's Chinese Restaurant Elliott Heads Road on Friday 24 May.

Children's Tournament on Sunday 24 March

Seventeen children competed in this tournament. The winners were Timothy Harris first with nine and a half points, second was up and coming Junior Player Bryce Rosser with eight points and third was Patrick Harris with eight points.

In the under 525 division, first was up and coming Junior Player Reece Buckholz with five points, second was Logan Marcus with four and a half points and third was Nicholas Whitelum with four points.

Some of the players played in the first round of the Wide Bay North Teams Championships on Monday 25 March at Walkervale State School.

Two of the players were playing in their first Sunday Tournament, and gained valuable experience.

There were a few upsets on the day. Alan Sunil had a draw with Isaac Nasso, Bryce Rosser defeated Patrick Harris, Jonothan Gillard had a draw with Timothy Harris, and Alex Buckholz won a game against Hayden Cooper.

A special mention must be made of Craig Hawker, the most Junior player in the tournament who won two games.

The children are improving month by month and many of them are members of their school chess clubs. Many of the school chess clubs are coached by volunteers of the Bundaberg Chess Club Inc

Future Children's Tournaments on Sundays in 2013: 28 April, 26 May, (other dates in due course); Venue for the children's tournaments is the U3A rooms, 80a Woongarra Street. Registration by 8.50 am. First game to commence at 9 am. Nine or ten round swiss depending on the number of entrants. $8 playing fee. Cash prizes and voucher lucky draws!!

There will be the usual GP for 2013 for the children with $160 total prize money. The scoring will be a bit different this year. Just for competing, children will receive three points each Sunday!! Also if a child wins against a higher rated player they will receive one and a half points instead of one point!! If the rating difference is more than 200 then they will get two points. This is to make things a bit more interesting!!! QJ ratings will be used where possible.

Dates for One Dayers in Bundaberg in 2013 for both adults and children: 18 May, 23 November (venue the U3A club rooms); A one dayer for children will be held on Thursday 11 April, the last Thursday of the school holidays, at the U3A rooms. $8 playing fee. Nine or ten round swiss depending on the number of entrants. Registration by 8.50 am. First game at 9 am.

The Queensland Open will be held in Bundaberg on the weekend of 17/18 August. This is one of the premier chess events in Queensland. We will have a strong contingent of some of the top players from Brisbane.

The Gladstone two dayer will be held on 27/28 July. This will be good practice for the Queensland Open, so there will be many opportunities in 2013 for people to test their chess skills!!

School Tutoring; Goodwood, Moore Park, Gooburrum, and Dallarnil are looking for voluntary chess tutors. No pay but the club can cover fuel expenses!! If you are interested please contact the Secretary. Goodwood School and Moore Park School have teams in local tournaments at times.

Gary teaches at St Patricks.

We are having discussions with Gooburrum at present.

Junior Ratings: The Club has decided that the results of all Junior Tournaments for 2013 will be forwarded to the CAQ for rating purposes on the QJRL rating list for the state.





Mon. 18 March Gross: N/S B Tetzlaff, R Fisher(1), J Grohn, M Derepas(2), N Potter, P Irving(3). E/W B Wright, H Goodman-Jones(1), E Eaglesham, H O'Malley(2), V Manning, H Glatter(3).

Wed. 20 March J Mortess Prs. Rd 2: N/S N Potter, P Irving(1), B Charters, B Wright(2), E Eaglesham, C Day(3). E/W K & C Bowman(1), P Lake, M Verdel(2), V Manning, H Glatter(3).

Thurs.21 March Gross: N/S J Lohse, D Flewell-Smith(1), R Brazier, K Chapman(2), C Ferguson, R Cullen(3). E/W J Galletly, P Holzberger(1), E Vanini, A Bartholdt(2), I Regan, H Goodman-Jones(3).

Fri. 22 March Gross: N/S J Grohn, M Derepas(1), P Gordon, R Patamisi(2), R Fisher, B McLean(3). E/W R Demnar, I Bloore(1), S Thein-tun, V Manning(2), K & C Bowman(3).

Mon. 25 March Nett: N/S H Glatter, V Manning(1), B Tetzlaff, C Ferguson(2), H O'Malley, E Eaglesham(3). E/W M Derepas, J Grohn(1), A Bretag, R Patamisi(2), R Brazier, R Hamilton(3).

Wed. 27 March J Mortess Prs Rd 3: N/S F Gayton, J Grohn(1), J McLauchlan, C Cronin(2), N Potter, P Irving(3). E/W D Pitt, J Cotter(1), B Charters, B Wright(2), B & K Lawrence(3).

Jessica Mortess Pairs overall winners: Joan Grohn, F Gayton.

Thurs. 28 March Gross: N/S C Ferguson, R Cullen(1), I Bloore, R Demnar(2), M Verdel, J Cotter(3). E/W A Bretag, T Galletly(1), L Oliver, E Vanini(2), C & T Powell(3).


Indoor Sport


Games will resume on Monday 8th April.Enjoy your Easter break and drive safely if you are travelling.




Blake Jnr Bissaker, 374,360,734.

Blake Snr Bissaker, 394, 388, 782

Brett Foster, IFAA, 508, 508

Bryson Nash, 386, 388, 774

Callie Donald, 352, 280, 632

Cameron Forest, 204, 204

Charlie Donald, IFAA, 466, 466

Frank Vanheerden, 282, 282

Greg Priebe, 350, 350

Hannes Bezuidenhout, 272, 272

Jack Farnham, 376, 376

Jamie Nash, 384, 384, 768

Jason Forest, 188, 188

Jesse Hart, 386, 368, 754

Kiya Bissaker, 276, 276

Maicey Hampson, 280, 280

Owen Sharwood, 384, 384, 768

Rob McDuff, IFAA, 485, 485

Scott Green, 376, 376

Shane Mitchell, 136, 136


Table Tennis

The Bundaberg Radiology Pre-Winter Table Tennis goes into the two week Easter break with the leading teams in each division comfortably ahead of their opposition. Competition resumes on Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 April. In Division One, Who Knows has a seven point advantage over second-placed NBA who in turn are sixteen points in front of Killers with only three rounds to play before the final. In last week's matches, Who Knows defeated Hot Shots 7-5, Darren Green returning to lead the frontrunners with an unbeaten effort. Ben Freeman and Kyle Luthe each shared a doubles win with Green, Freeman also edging out Susan McDonald 11/9 in the fifth game of their singles and Luthe scoring a tight straight games win over Blake Webster. Best for Hot Shots was Steve Grieving who played strongly in a straight games defeat by Green but won in four games against both Freeman and Luthe.

NBA and Killers drew six-all with most players have some singles success but Killers making a clean sweep of the doubles. For NBA, Ned Freeman defeated Ben McHugh in four games and Dave Delpratt in three but went down to Peter Spratley in four. Brett Fourro lost to Delpratt in five games after winning the first two, then beat Spratley in four games and McHugh in three very close games. Ashley Parrott lost to Spratley in four games, then made an amazing recovery after losing the first two games to McHugh and trailed 10/7 in the third before winning that game 18/16 before running away with the last two games, followed by a four game win over Delpratt.

Mixtures inflicted the first defeat of the season on Hurt Locker 7-5 in their Division One top of the ladder clash. Hayden Green warmed up for his trip this week to compete at the Oceania Hopes Challenge in Melbourne with an 11/8 fifth game win over Cong Tran, three of the other games going to 13/11. Green also beat Robert Atherton 11/9 in a fifth game decider and Travis McDermid in his third marathon of night, both times recovering from 2-1 down. McDermid also lost in five games to Paul Warhurst but won in straight games against Anek Chantarat who had a disappointing night in singles but was involved in Mixtures two doubles wins.

FiiK stayed within striking distance of Mixtures for the vital second spot on the points scoreboard when they defeated TMT 7-5. Tumon Sohibi was at his best, winning his three singles in straight games. Jim Buttling won comfortably against Bruce Downs and Rob Freeman but lost in five games to Matthew Lomas who had earlier also been taken to five games by Nev Newitt. Lomas also shared two doubles wins for TMT.

Division Three leaders, KJB, suffered their first loss of the season when beaten by second-placed King Shae 7-5. Kingsley Parrott won his three singles for King Shae as well as a doubles, with Geoff Dickie claiming two singles but going down to Kate Juillerat in five games. Briahna Connolly scored an excellent straight games win over Juillerat but was beaten by both Brian Cuskelly and her brother Brendan who was substituting for Josh Horton.

Storm drew 6-all with Last Resort to stay just over twenty points out finals contention. Deleece McDonald won her three singles, all in four games, and a doubles for Last Resort, while John Jackson and George Haggar added five game wins over Shaina Green and Les Dawson respectively. For Storm, Phil Freeman outlasted Haggar in five games after an earlier win over Jackson.

TUESDAY NIGHT Division ThreePharaohs (Cathy Rivers 3, Brendon Gibb 3, George Haggar 2) drew with Pit Bulls (Dave Delpratt 4, Bruce Bryan 3) 6-all; 2JN (Nev Newitt 5, John Martens 5, June Cuskelly 2) def Whatever (Rob Freeman 1, John Jackson 1, Maria Van Den Broek 1) 9-3; BJC (Brian Cuskelly 5, John Walsh 4, Cath Drury 3) def Tigers (Phil Freeman 2, Michael Limb 1) 9-3.


Ten Pin

SPEEDIE CASH 25/3/13. Rum Jack 192.5 , Shark Attack 181, Whatevers 178, Strikers 178, Monky See Monky Do 153, On Donkey Kong160, Bibs & Bobs 145,Cruizers 115, Gutter Girls 114.5, Stevens Crew 99 .Furbys 49.

FUTURE STARS 26/3/13.Star Struck22, Geebangers 21, Gone Starkers 20, Heavenly Bodies 15, Mix & Match 14 , F Troop 13, Wannabees 13, Fun Seekers 9.

BUNDY CIY BIRDS 25/3/13. Jay Birds 15, Blue Birds 13, Lorikeets 11, Pelicans 9,

ALLEY CATS 27/3/13. Top Cats 20, Bob Cats 19, Moggies 16, Phoenix 16, Tritons 15, Amigos 13, Whiteliners 9.

UNICORN LEAGUE 27/3/13. Bill And Boys 84.5, Stacked 82, Strike It Lucky 76.5, TheSocks & Jocks 74 , J.K.B 71 , Mouseketters 72, Fifis Bowlers 70.5, The Boys 56, Oasis 53.5, Penniful 41, Jenny.And Katie 30.5,

NEW TWILIGHT 24/3/13 We Don't Know 33, Night Storm 25, TeamJ. 24 , The Love Birds 23, Momma Mias 20, Sunday Males 16.

NASH'S DOUBL22/3/2/13. Bobdon 38, The Incredibles.37, Big Boys 34.5, 12Str 32 , Glmas 26.5, Bundy Bells 26.5, Smash & Clash 23, Smooth 19. Side Winders 19, Little Monstar 17,.T.S.G15 .

NIFTY FIFTIES PLUS 5/3/13. Hoping 9 , Tryers 8, Pinbusters 7, Dunnits 6, Carlyle Cats 4.

REVOLUTION 20/3/13 . Robkez 24, Green Team 22.5, Cl4ptp.24, Whatever 15, Mark And Lee 10.5,Kirsty &Heinz 10, Country Aces4, Forbys 3.

MOONLIGHTERS 26/3/13.High Rollers 63, No Idea 60.5, Strikers 60, Josies Boys 56.5, Lost Marbles 48, Slayers 44, Ark 42.5.

ACTIVE 50'S 20/3/13. Aliens 12, Joan Alone 10, Get Real 7, Happy Feet7,

PHANTOM LEAGUE THREE. 24/3/13. The Old Man 27.5, Here Again 25, Misty 25, AllFallDown 24 , The Dusty 22, Crusty Demons 22.5, Fright Night 22, Miss Marme 20.5, The Juggalo 20, Silent House 19.5, Brass Monkey 19.5 , Twinkle Toes 19 , Bright Spark 19, Dark Night 17, Lord Of The Rings 17, Chaos 17.5, The Panther 14.5, The D.A.13.5, Skippy 14, Zombie Brains 10.5 Another Gutter 8, The Bill 4,Red Dog 8,Uthopia 6, Wolf Spirit 1.

KENTUCKY.28/3/13. , Grinners 12, Shirls Girls 11, Rockers 9, Just Us 10,

BUNDABERG PINBUSTERS 25/3/13. Monky SeeMonkey Do20, Betsy 20, Double Trouble 20 , Bulldogs 18 , Crusty Demons 18, Clowns 16, Blind Guardians16, Night Rider 16, Wild Things 15 , Head Bangers 13, T he Simpsons 15.5, Dragonflies 12, Diving Dolphins 14, Cats 10.5 .

DIGGERS 21/3/13. , No Hope 22, Smart Charters19, he Other Team 19, Just Us 19, Wicked 15.5, Broncos15, Title Waves 12, Hurricane 9.

DIAMOND 26/3/13. Whatever67.5, Pinseekers 59, God Squad 50, Stayers 49, Robbed 47, Golden Girls 43, Little Devels 41.5 Scorpions 39.5.

ROLLING FIFTIES 22/3/13 Attitudes 17, Who Cares 17 , The Lucky Ducks 15.5, Odd Squad15, Little Gems 14, Cruisers 14 , Lemar 13, Rubies 13, Double Trouble12, Seashells 12, Bel Don 11 The Wild Ones 11, In Style 10.5, Friday Girls 11, J&M 11, , Opals 8, Splitters 9, Danne 8, Crystals 10 , The Dealing Duo 6.

 TIGHT AS TUESDAY 12/3/13. F**KNose 10, Lucas And Emma 7, Wild Hogs 7, Team Four 6, The Drivers 3.

THURSDAY VIZA 'A'Ball. 21/3/13. . New Moon 18, Warp.18 , O.D.S.T. 10, New Team 11.




Bundaberg Touch Association 2013 Season 1 Sign On - 9th and 16th April 2013

Time: 6:00-7:00pm

Venue: Bundaberg Touch, University Drive Bundaberg

2013 Season Dates: 23 April - 27 August 2013

Topics:  bundaberg sport