Speedway lovers call for own club

THESE guys pour thousands of dollars into their bikes to keep them in top condition, and just as much is spent on travelling around the state to compete.

As much as they love the sport, they are fed up with the travel and believe it is time Bundaberg established itself as a destination for top quality speedway and dirt bike competition.

A crop of around 12 Bundaberg riders regularly attend meets, competing as individuals, not as members of a specific club.

They will hold a meeting tonight at the Tattersalls Hotel on Walla Street in an effort to “pull some old and new riders out of the woodwork” and start the wheels in motion for the first Bundaberg District Junior Speedway and Dirt Track Club.

“We want to see how many people we can get behind it, and show council there is a demand for it,” committee member Johlanda Grills said.

“The biggest thing is getting a location for a track, giving these kids somewhere safe and monitored to ride.”

Craig Hyde — a former professional who raced in England — acts as a coach and mentor for the young brigade of speedsters.

He stressed the benefits of forming a club went deeper than just a name and venue.

“There’s a lot more to it really. A lot these kids might go off the rails if they didn’t have their speedway to train for and attend,” he said.

“It teaches them discipline, how to deal with set back and how to set goals.”

He recalled the days at the Carina Speedway, now closed for business.

“Motorsport used to be huge here. The track used to be packed.”

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