Suspicious chemicals found in car involved in fatal crash

POLICE will investigate whether drugs played a part in a crash that killed an innocent truck driver and left his passenger fighting for life after suspicious chemicals were seized from the offending car.

A 33-year-old Maryborough man was killed and his 44-year-old female passenger remains in a critical condition after a Toyota Camry crossed onto the wrong side of the road and collided with their truck.

The driver of the Toyota Camry, a 31-year-old man from Coomera, was also killed.

The collision happened about 40km north of Gin Gin at about 4.30pm Sunday afternoon.

Emergency services worked for more than three hours to free the woman from the wreck of the truck before she was flown to Brisbane.

Bundaberg road policing unit officer-in-charge Sergeant Marty Arnold labelled the actions of the Toyota Camry driver as "stupid".

"Unfortunately just another case of drivers and stupid driving behaviour, it's the only words for it," he said.

"This driver was obviously exceeding the speed limit and over taking or crossing the lines in places that just - it makes the mind boggle why people would do this sort of thing.

"We see this sort of driving nearly every day. It rarely leads to these circumstances but I just can't understand why people would drive the way they do and risk people's lives.

"On this occasion this driver has killed himself and taken an innocent life coming the other way and possibly a third person who's in a critical condition in hospital."

Sgt Arnold said police had seized two litres of liquid chemicals from the Toyota Camry which officers found to be suspicious, but it was still too early to determine what it was.

"Investigation's still in its infancy at the moment but we have sized some chemicals from the vehicle. The offending driver is known to police and investigations are continuing," he said.

"It would appear at this stage that excessive speed and being on the wrong side of the road were the major contributing factors.

"The blood toxicology results will reveal more in due course."

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