Son lies about sister's rape

A BOY lied while under oath about seeing his father rape his sister because the girl told him to, a court heard yesterday.

The 53-year-old Bundaberg man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the alleged victim, is facing Bundaberg District Court charged with three counts of rape and maintaining a relationship with a child in 2006.

On Tuesday, the jury was shown videotapes of the girl, who was 10 at the time of the alleged incidents, being interviewed by police officers in October 2006.

In the videotapes, the girl detailed sexual encounters she said happened with her father in different parts of his home, and his bed, while she was staying there as part of a shared custody arrangement.

But during the third day of the trial, the jury heard pre-recorded evidence from the girl’s brother, recorded in 2007 and last year.

The boy, aged 12 during the 2007 recording, sat shredding a piece of material in the first videotape as he was cross-examined by the defence counsel.

He told the court he had seen his father and sister having sex when she came to stay at the house.

But in the second video he denied he had seen it.

Defence counsel Jack Pappas cross-examined the boy on the second occasion.

“Did you believe (the girl) when she told you she had sex with your father?” he asked.

The boy replied he did not really believe his sister.

“You’d never seen your father having sex with (the girl) — that was a lie?” Mr Pappas asked.

“Yep,” the boy replied.

He also admitted the girl told him what to tell police about the alleged incidents and that he lied about keeping a diary of the incidents.

The trial continues.

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