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Pauline Hanson Patrick Woods

SOAPBOX: 'No clue' youth are smarter than you think

IN ANOTHER potential blow for the youth of Australia, the ever-controversial Pauline Hanson has tried to float the idea of raising the voting age to 21.

If she had her way nearly a million voters, who she claims have never had a job or paid taxes and have "no understanding of politics", would be struck from the electoral roll.

Well, the first solution to that problem would be to start teaching politics in school.

My first foray into the world of politics was as a confused 18-year-old, unsure of what to do with a ballot slip or who I wanted to vote for.

I taught myself, but it's no surprise many youths stay disengaged.

All they know is a political system which has made their dreams of home ownership a mere proverbial carrot unable to be reached with a minimum wage job that doesn't pay penalty rates.

Oh and let's not forget the fading prospects of a university education.

Or maybe Hanson's disdain for teenage voters is deeper than that.

Perhaps she's scared that the increased number of youth on the electoral roll (thanks to the same-sex marriage survey) will vote for parties that don't support Islamophobia and other bigoted views like her favourite party The Greens.

Ironically enough, one of the aims on the One Nation website states "Our children are the future leaders of our nation".

So what is it Hanson, do the kids have "no clue" or are they Australia's beacon of hope?

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