WE LIVE in one of the most beautiful regions on the planet.

From our beautiful beaches to the peace and tranquility of our stunning country, the Bundaberg region has so much to photograph.

So to celebrate what we have - and to build our community pride - the NewsMail is launching #SnapBundaberg - a social media initiative to promote what we all love about living here.

For some, it's getting up at the crack of dawn and watching the sun rise - or our seeing our lifesaving Nippers in training late in the day.

Budding photographers will be joining similar quests in capital cities and regions across the country as part of the News Corp initiative in partnership with Canon Australia and Harvey Norman Photo Centre.

All you have to do is snap, hashtag your post #SnapBundaberg and share on our Facebook page, or on Instagram or Twitter.

#SnapBundabrg will culminate in a big day of snapping on November 22.

But before you do, here are some tips from renowned landscape photographer Jenn Cooper to capture sensational snaps.

"Make sure you get to the spot half an hour before sunrise or sunset to get set up and watch the different lights change," the Canon Collective ambassador says.

"Look for a shot that has something interesting in the foreground. This brings a sense of perspective to the shot. Reflections are great to bring interest into the shot."

Ms Cooper said to think about storytelling when taking a photo - and consider markets for new faces and different cultures.

She also said camera settings were also crucial to taking a top photo.

"If you're just starting out turn the camera to AV mode, this will let you play with the depth of field, in terms of how much of the shot is in focus, while the camera does the rest."

If you are shooting with a mobile phone, make sure you lock in the focus and aperture by pressing and holding down on the screen where you want your focus and lighting to be.

Of course, you don't have to stick to just scenery when taking photos.

Perhaps, there's a great character in your town who would make a beautiful portrait.

You can also share photos of your family, pets and anything that you think is unique for your suburb.

Just remember to use the #SnapBundaberg hashtag and ensure your post is public so we can share it with others.

Photos from Instagram and Twitter will appear on a social media wall on our site.

We will be gathering the best of the photos posted on our Facebook page to create beautiful online galleries for all to see on our website and in our paper.

So let's all get snapping and share the beauty of Bundaberg with everyone who loves it here.

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