Snake eats galah

THE beauty of nature turned ugly in seconds for a Tinbeerwah couple when a carpet snake turned a hapless galah into lunch in front of them.

It was a simple case of survival of the fittest when the snake, carefully wound around a vine hovering above a bird feeder, slowly uncoiled before striking out and grabbing the bird eating below.

The snake strangled the galah before leaving it on the veranda when it was chased off by swooping kookaburras.

Hours later, the snake returned to finish the job, devouring and digesting the remains of the galah over several hours.

Jenny Rudledge arrived home from work on Sunday afternoon just in time to capture the drama.

“It was beautiful, then scary, then just gruesome,” she said.

“We were amazed. The galah knew the snake was there. It slowly uncoiled before it just struck out and wrapped itself around the bird.

“It did it so slowly that you could barely tell it was moving.

“For a time we thought that we should have done something to stop it, but that’s just nature.”

Mrs Rudledge has lived in the home for a year and her daily bird feeding sessions attract galahs, rainbow lorikeets and kookaburras.

“We will keep feeding the birds but will look at moving the bird feeder if we see the snake around again,” she said.

“I would imagine it has gone off for a long sleep now.

“I don’t think he would need to feed any time soon.”