DOWN AND OUT: Coast couple Brooke and Nick Alderton have made an impassioned plea for help during their family's time of need.
DOWN AND OUT: Coast couple Brooke and Nick Alderton have made an impassioned plea for help during their family's time of need. Facebook

Disastrous chain of events hits pregnant Coast couple

WHAT should be a happy time for this loved-up Coast couple has become a nightmare with an onslaught of bills and stress brought on by a series of unfortunate events.

Brooke and Nick Alderton are about to welcome their second child into the world, but a string of bad luck has a pregnant Mrs Alderton making an impassioned plea for help during her family's time of need.

According to Mrs Alderton's Gofundme page, the trouble began to pile up about nine weeks ago when the recently married couple were on their way to a heart specialist appointment in Brisbane for their unborn son.

Her husband made the simple mistake of leaving the radiator cap off the couple's Nissan Navara which overheated the engine to breaking point and forced them to miss the vital appointment.

The car was towed back to Battery Hill where it remains at the mechanic, but that was just the start of the family's problems.

After copping a mechanic bill for over $8,000, $1,800 of which is covered by insurance, it was ground hog day for the Alderton's when a second car failed.

"Today (Saturday) we had our Subaru Forester investigated as it was overheating after getting the thermostat fixed just on Tuesday, and we are having deja-vu, another head gasket/overheated engine," Mrs Alderton said.

"This bill is $3,500."

Now considering trading in the Forester along with a Suzuki Alto, which was previously written off when Mrs Alderton was t-boned last year, she said the snowballing issues had left her and her husband "beyond stressed and mentally, physically and financially exhausted".

With just weeks before their baby boy is set to enter the world, the family are desperate for a reliable car to get Mr Alderton to and from work, and their daughter and future son to doctors appointments.

"My husband works so hard to pay the bills and we are only on one wage due to me having severe back problems so it's making things even harder to get on track with," Mrs Alderton said.

"If anyone, anyone at all could help us in any way, we would be forever grateful.

"We are always the ones to put our hands up to help out in a crisis and I guess it's just our turn to need the help this time."

Support on Facebook was overwhelming for the couple with many offering to drive them to appointments or suggesting mechanics that offer payment plans.

You can help the Alderton's reach their $2,000 goal by donating here.

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