Sister recalls childhood memories

AB Wilkie’s sister, Keira, remembers the good times.
AB Wilkie’s sister, Keira, remembers the good times.

FIGHTING through tears, AB Wilkie’s sister, Keira, read out a letter she had written to her much-loved older brother.

“You are so loved by all of your family, so loved by all of your friends and so loved by all of your brothers,” she read.

“You had such an impact on our lives. I think you may know.

“You were my rock, my encourager, my realist and my mentor.

“You’ll always be with me in my heart, my soul and my memories.”

Among those memories, Keira said she would never forget camping, climbing and getting into mischief with AB Wilkie at their childhood home in rural Victoria.

“I’ll never forget that you shot me in the arm with a slug gun, not thinking it would go through what I was holding. I’ve still got the scar,” she said.

“I remember the time I got five stitches in my knee because you pushed me off my bike.

“Then there was that time when you cut in front of me when I was on my bike. More stitches.”

But Keira said she would miss a lot more than their sibling’s rough and tumble.

“I’ll regret that one time I said no to a dance at ballroom dancing.

“I’ll regret not sitting longer at the train station the last time I saw you.

“My whole world stopped on September 14.

“I love you and I’ll never forget you.”



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