Singing ambo celebrates music

THE infectious talent of Emerald’s own singing ambo, Bec Hance, has already brought her five nominations in the 2010 Tamworth Songwriters’ Association awards.

Showcasing her songwriting versatility, Bec has been recognised as a finalist twice in the new songwriter category, comedy/novelty song of the year, children’s song of the year and best bush ballad.

“I was pretty excited when I found out,” said Bec.

“I’ve applied for the awards about five times now and haven’t got in, so it’s awesome to be nominated, especially in the national awards.”

The TSA awards are the industry’s top rung in recognition, and Bec’s been busy penning another 30 or so songs for her third album.

“This is great recognition to have especially as my goal is to become a songwriter more than anything; a recognised songwriter,” she said.

“I’ll write for anyone in the Australian country music scene. I’m not really worried who sings it as long as they appreciate the song and take pride in singing it.”

One of the nominated songs, You’ll Find A Bloke, is in the comedy/novelty section, but as Bec knows, the subject is no laughing matter for the legions of the lovelorn.

“It’s a big dilemma women have in this day and age and everyone who hears it says I’ve got a daughter and she can’t find a bloke, or there’s someone they know,” she said with a laugh.

“The reality is there’s a lot of single women out there and it is hard to find a good man.”

The Bullocky, Bec’s bush ballad, is a tribute to her great-grandfather, Walter Hance, and the bullock teams of a bygone era in Victoria’s South Gippsland area.

“It’s a song for all those men who pioneered and cleared land to pave the way for production in Australia, because I think it’s a legacy that goes unheard of.”

Comet’s Daly Stephenson will also be at the TSA awards where he is nominated in the semi-finalists’ professional-contemporary category.

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