A FORMER natural resource management group chairman has slammed a Bundaberg environmental organisation, saying it has been unduly silent and inactive since the January floods.

Malcolm Topp, who once led the Queensland Murray Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Association, made his disappointment with the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) known in front of hundreds of people at the Community Flood Forum on Friday night.

Mr Topp was quick to point out that BMRG had not attended either of the Community Flood Forums and said the organisation had been "extremely silent" since floodwaters ravaged the city.

"They haven't engaged the community," he said.

"As the leading natural resource management group, they are responsible for accessing a lot of Federal money in partnership with state agencies, local government and communities."

He said the lead agency in the flood recovery should have been BMRG - not the council.

"They should have been at the fore and consulting with the council," he said.

"If I had been in the position, I would have been engaging council, state government and community interest groups very rapidly."

He said it was common knowledge there was unrest within the BMRG board.

"I don't think the board is properly structured and I don't think the current board adequately represents community groups," he said.

BMRG CEO Penny Hall dismissed Mr Topp's claims.

"There have been (membership) issues - that hasn't impacted on our work in flood recovery one bit," she said.

Mrs Hall said staff did not find out about Friday's flood forum until it had happened.

"The whole of BMRG were out of Bundaberg attending workshops," she said.

Mrs Hall said the organisation had been heavily involved with the council's flood disaster meetings.


"The flood report for BMRG region was completed by four weeks after the flood," she said. "We've also co-ordinated aerial imagery of 3000km of major river systems and coastlines for prioritisation."

Mrs Hall said this work had been done before the group had received the $4.4 million of the $8 million in funding the organisation had been allocated for flood recovery in the next two years.

"We only received that money last week," Mrs Hall said.

Mrs Hall said the group had been very active in the recovery process.

"We haven't gone to the paper with everything we've done but we haven't been silent," she said.

Bundaberg Mayor Mal Forman said BMRG had been proactive in sourcing funds.

"BMRG has engaged in important work such as assisting with the recovery of pontoons and the removal of boats and debris from around the river, creeks and river mouth," he said.

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