Candidates showing off policy

CANDIDATES for Hinkler were sticking to the script yesterday when they discussed their policies regarding health and the economy.

Member for Hinkler Paul Neville supports the rehashed Liberal Party policy of a return to hospital boards.

Labor Party candidate Belinda McNeven was also on song, rehashing the Labor Party's health initiative earlier in the year.

Ms McNeven said the moving of the majority of the financial burden from state governments to the federal government would greatly improve services.

Greens Party candidate Adrian Wone threw a spanner into the works when he put forward his idea of a rail hospital — a train which was a fully equipped hospital which could be called out to emergencies throughout the seat of Hinkler.

Independent candidate Cy d'Oliveira's health policy was much simpler - create more hospital beds, provide more doctors and nurses and build more nursing homes.

When it came to the economy, Mr Neville stuck to the basics: “Reduce the deficit and reduce debt ...”

Ms McNeven called for more infrastructure to be built in regional areas.

Mr Wone said the economy would be helped with more industry development in the region by converting the area to ethanol production.

Mr d'Oliveira said he thought troublesome youths should be drafted into military service.

Family First candidate Trevor Versace said the policies would be released by the party's Brisbane headquarters.

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