Show pony Hayne may cost Titans coach a job

IT SEEMS that the Gold Coast Titan's coach Neil Henry is in for a real battle to keep his job at the club.

It appears as if a rift between Henry and their star signing, Jarryd Hayne has brought the issue of the coach's future out into the open.

You would have to wonder why the club is allowing players such as Hayne to dictate who is running the show there.

After all, he has hardly been a raving success for the Titans this year, and in fact, many believe he is not worth the reported $1.2-million salary.

Prior to his stint at the Titans, he played NFL for the San Francisco 49ers and some media raved about him making it into that sport.

His actual performances were not all that flattering because in his one season he carried the ball 17 times to make 52 yards at an average 3.1 yards.

I don't understand the game all that well but those figures might just have some bearing on the fact he played just the one season.

With a huge ego, he then tried to break into the Fiji Olympic Rugby Sevens team just before the Olympics.

Thank goodness the team management knocked this on the head as how could they justify dropping one of their players for someone with no experience at all.

He made his way back to the NRL and at first glance it might have seemed a good deal for the Titans to get Hayne as he previously had a great record in the NRL.

Playing for the Parramatta Eels for eight years between 2006 and 2014, he started in 176 games, scoring 103 tries, which is a pretty good record.

Poor form and injuries have meant that he has been just a shadow of the player of those years.

So it is hard to believe that he would be out there stirring up trouble in the club when he should be working on improving his form to justify his huge salary.

If Hayne does cost Henry his job at the club, this could indirectly be a second coach's scalp for him.

After NSW lost this year's State of Origin series, there have been calls for Laurie Daley to lose his job as coach of the Blues.

Had the show pony Jarryd Hayne passed the ball to Brett Morris just before half-time in the second game, they would have scored.

This most likely would have put the game out of reach for Queensland and meant the Blues would have won the series.

There would have been no criticism of Daley then, and in fact the win, would have secured his job.

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