Hugh Johnson fills up his car with petrol. He hasn't noticed any reprieve in the prices.
Hugh Johnson fills up his car with petrol. He hasn't noticed any reprieve in the prices. Mike Knott

Petrol prices drop in the region

BUNDABERG drivers have had a brief period of relief, with petrol prices dropping in the region over the past week.

But the reprieve will be short-lived, with petrol prices tipped to rise again in coming days.

Pensioner Hugh Johnson, who was visiting Bundaberg from Gladstone yesterday, said high fuel prices had made the weekly budget hard.

“It's just ridiculous. I don't understand why it has to go up all the time when we have a strong Aussie dollar at the moment,” he said.

Mr Johnson said he had not felt like he had received any relief at the bowser.

Bundaberg resident Carol Smith said she had noticed a slight drop.

“It would be good if they continued to come down again,” she said.

RACQ media relations manager Jim Kershaw said drivers were headed for more pain at the bowsers, with the price of unleaded set to climb.

“Petrol prices are very volatile at the moment, but it looks as if they will increase again,” Mr Kershaw said.

While Brisbane's prices hit a low of about 107c per litre last week, Mr Kershaw said the capital city price war would not be enough to affect Bundaberg's fuel costs.

“If the Brisbane price was to keep going down, eventually it would flow on to regional areas like Bundaberg — but it's already started going back up,” he said.

“The international price of oil tends to go up as northern winter sets in, and people start using heating devices.”

He said the average price for unleaded in Bundaberg was about 124.2 — several cents higher than the average price in Brisbane.

However, Matilda service station owner Gary Jensen said Bundaberg remained in a fuel war of its own.

“Because there's so much competition at the moment, Bundaberg's prices are very low,” Mr Jensen said.

“Unleaded is about 7c per litre cheaper in Bundaberg than Maryborough.”

But despite the battle to win drivers' wallets, Mr Jensen said he did not think prices could get any lower.

“(Service station owners) can't sustain such low margins forever,” he said.

Fuel Price

According to motoring website

  • Bundaberg 122.2
  • Gladstone 128.0
  • Gympie 125.5
  • Hervey Bay 127.4
  • Mackay 123.5
  • Maryborough 126.6
  • Rockhampton 129.7

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