Shoppers go hungry

BARGARA residents have faced an unfamiliar reality with no grocery options on their first public holiday after the closure of Cast's Supa IGA.

Woolworths in Bargara Central was yesterday closed for Labor Day. Ordinarily Cast's Supa IGA, which closed only one day a year - on Christmas Day - would have been open, had it not shut down in June.

The closure of the liquidated Bargara IGA followed the surprise closure of the Bargara Beach Convenience Store on Bauer St in April, leaving Woolworths as the only supermarket for Bargara community members.

But Bekk Lea said "it wasn't a secret that today was going to be a public holiday".

"Why not buy what you need the day before?" she asked.

Olga Beath said people should have supported Bargara's IGA.

"You reap what you sow," she said.

Madonna Birchley said she could understand how people got caught out.

"I think maybe there is a rush because people are coming home from holidays and need food for the return of school," she said.

One NewsMail Facebook friend who works for Woolworths pointed out that the supermarket always closed on Labour Day, regardless of when that was.

Sue Mcmullen said it remained a pity that Bargara's IGA had been "pushed out" of the market.

Amy Wilson said people were sad if they couldn't go one day without visiting a supermarket.

"I went to Hinkler on Sunday and thought the floods were coming again - shelves were empty," she said.

Dianne Young questioned why supermarkets closed only on some public holidays, saying that was "double standards".

"So why close today? They open Boxing Day," she said.

Other stores around the region had a successful public holiday, including Avoca IGA.

Part owner Clinton Church said the store was inundated with customers yesterday.

"We've been flat out since the morning," he said.

"There was a great response, with some stating our specials were as good as some of the bigger IGAs.

"People were mostly looking for soft drinks, meat and lots of bread."

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