ENOUGH: Queensland Ambulance Service says assaults on paramedics have
ENOUGH: Queensland Ambulance Service says assaults on paramedics have "got to stop”. David Nielsen

Shocking statistics of attacks on paramedics revealed

AN ATTACK on a paramedic outside a backpacker hostel has prompted the Queensland Ambulance Service to reveal the shocking statistics of the number of assaults received while trying to help people.

An average of 31 assaults per month on paramedics occurred throughout Queensland last year.

As many as 20 a month were deliberate physical attacks.

The latest incident occurred outside a backpacker hostel in Cairns at 4am on Thursday, when a French national allegedly punched a female paramedic in the head and dragged her out of an ambulance.

The 21-year-old man has been charged with serious assault of a public officer.

QAS Cairns and Hinterland Assistant Commissioner Michelle Baxter was furious these types of assaults kept occurring.

"I am very, very angry at what's happened," she said in a media conference.

"This kind of treatment has got to stop. Offenders need to take responsibility for their actions."

How do you think attacks on paramedics can be reduced?

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By giving paramedics security officers, or arming them.


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The experienced 42-year-old paramedic, who sustained facial injuries, was "very shaken up".

Ms Baxter said last year there were 40 assaults on paramedics in the Cairns and hinterland area.

"All I want is for this to stop now," Ms Baxter said.

"Our people go there to help. They don't deserve this in the workplace and it really does need to stop."

The number of assaults on ambulance staff is on the rise.

There were only 205 violent incidents recorded in the 2012-13 financial year compared to the 381 recorded in the 2015-2016 financial year.

So far this financial year 26 have been recorded.

QAS was unable to provide specific statistics for the number of incidents on the Sunshine Coast.

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