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SHOCKING ATTACK: DV teen has 'changed'

A TEENAGE man has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison after he committed a number of domestic violence offences with numerous partners and broke parole orders.

On December 9, 2018, the defendant assaulted, strangled and caused bodily harm to his girlfriend and the next day repeated his violent actions.

Crown prosecutor Carla Ahern said on the morning of December 9 the 18-year-old man and his girlfriend had an argument.

"When she tried to leave the room, the defendant grabbed her arm and pulled her back inside," Ms Ahern said.

He yelled at her and pushed her and when the girl's mother intervened and told him to leave, he turned around and punched his girlfriend in the face, making her nose bleed.

On the same night about 11pm the two visited the girl's grandmother.

"They were lying on the bed, the defendant jumped onto his knees next to the complainant," Ms Ahern said.

"He grabbed her by the throat and squeezed for five seconds. She could not breathe. While doing it he said, 'I'm sick of you getting f---ing jealous'.

"He then punched her face four times with a closed fist and when the complainant stood up, the defendant hit her in the head with his phone and as a result the complainant lost consciousness."

He then told her to get on her knees and left her there.

The next day he followed her while holding a flat-head screwdriver.

"He abused her, calling her a 'slut dog motherf---er' ... and as she kept walking the defendant ran after her, struck her with the screwdriver at least three times across her legs and her arms ... causing cuts," Ms Ahern said.

Defence barrister Simone Bain said her client was deeply remorseful for his actions and took full responsibility.

"He said to me, 'I'm glad I got charged, it made me see what I was doing was wrong'," Ms Bain said.

Judge Leanne Clare said his actions were that of "a domestic tyrant".

"Your attitude to your partner was callous and abusive," Judge Clare said.

His pre-sentence custody of 192 days was taken into consideration. Parole release date was set at August 19, 2019.

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