Shipping help across world

ONE of the benefits of being posted to a ship like HMAS Kanimbla is that you get the chance to spend a fair amount of time in your home state, according to Bundaberg boy Liam McIntyre.

As an amphibious transport ship, Kanimbla spends much of its time transporting army equipment from places like Townsville.

But now Able Seaman Mcintyre and his Kanimbla shipmates are in Pariaman, north of earthquake-hit Padang.

They are disembarking a team of 100 Australian military engineers along with their equipment.

The team will be working with Indonesia to repair several essential infrastructure sites and develop a temporary medical facility.

AB McIntyre has been in the navy four years, half of which he has spent onboard Kanimbla and has specialised as an electronics technician.

His short but eventful naval career has so far taken him to a number of overseas countries, including New Caledonia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea, but this is his first disaster relief operation and his role is vital.

“I specialise in the internal and external communications side of things,” he said.

“I am responsible for maintaining equipment such as telephones, radios and other equipment.

The ship uses these to keep in contact with the shore and other ships.”

HMAS Kanimbla is one of two RAN amphibious transport ships and is based at Fleet Base East in Sydney.

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