Man fined $500 for calling 000

LOCKED IN: Gary Kirby outside Bundaberg Courthouse.
LOCKED IN: Gary Kirby outside Bundaberg Courthouse. Ross Irby

IT WAS a "who you gonna call" moment for Gary Kirby when the front door he had draped his wet bed sheets over to dry slammed shut.

The sheets jammed the door lock and Kirby was unable to open it.

The door was the only entry point at his flat, with the windows secured.

No one heard his yells for help, so Kirby called 000 on his mobile.

He was told to phone a locksmith but he kept calling the emergency number.

After his fourth call, Bundaberg police officers arrived.

The details surfaced in Bundaberg Magistrates Court where the 40-year-old farm labourer pleaded guilty to making improper use of the emergency call service on Saturday, September 16.

Prosecutor Acting Sergeant Andrew Blunt said Kirby first called police at 10.30am.

Asked what the emergency was, he said he was in his unit locked inside and couldn't get out.

Kirby was told to phone a locksmith.



Five minutes later he called again and was again told to contact a locksmith.

Sgt Blunt said Police Link received a call and then, at 11.04am, Kirby again called 000.

Again told by police to call a locksmith, Kirby replied: "Oh bull crap".

When police arrived at his unit about 10 minutes later, he told officers he had just managed to get the door open and free himself.

"He says he wanted the police to come and open the door for him," Sgt Blunt said.

"He says he couldn't get the door open without police help."

When Magistrate Belinda Merrin asked Kirby if he had a problem with alcohol, he said "not really".

"I had no credit on my phone to call a locksmith or family for help," Kirby explained.

"I yelled out of my window for help but no one came to assist me. I had no choice in the circumstances but ring 000."

Kirby said the lock was bent and the lock barrel had to be replaced afterwards.

"I bent the lock trying to get the door open. There is only one door and it's all security screened," he said.

"This was an unfortunate mishap."

Ms Merrin fined him $500.

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