JAILED: Michael Henderson is appealing his sentence.
JAILED: Michael Henderson is appealing his sentence.

Shameless killer driver wants jail sentence cut

A MAN who crashed his ute into a car full of teenagers - killing three of them - is attempting to have his 10-year jail term cut.

Michael Daniel Henderson, 35, ran two red lights on April 8, 2011, before crashing into a car carrying the four teenagers in Layard St, Goodna.

Brittany Bramwell, 17, Nicholas Saxby, 16, and Matthew Prior, 18, were killed in the crash.

A fourth teen, Alex Mayfield, sustained life-threatening injuries but survived.

Henderson was sentenced in the Ipswich District Court last year to seven and a half years in jail, but would have been eligible for parole in February, 2015, after serving one-third of his sentence.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie appealed the sentence earlier this year on grounds Henderson's sentence was inadequate.

The Court of Appeal in March extended Henderson's sentence to 10 years in jail.

But Henderson is now appealing the tougher sentence imposed after the Attorney General's appeal.

He has applied to the High Court of Australia to appeal the Court of Appeal decision.

High Court Justices will now decide whether to allow Henderson's appeal.

The court also deemed the crime a serious violent offence, which meant Henderson had to serve at least 80% of his sentence.

The parents of two of the teenagers killed in the crash expressed anger and were upset upon hearing Henderson's plans to appeal his sentence.

Raquel Flack, mother of Nicholas Saxby, and Robyn Prior, mother of Matthew Prior, said the appeal showed a lack of remorse from Henderson.

They are upset the latest appeal will drag on what has already been a long legal process.

Ms Flack said it is hard to believe Henderson was seeking a shorter sentence.

"It's ridiculous. Why can't he just accept his punishment? It's not even enough as it is," she said.

"I can't believe that he is going to appeal it. It just makes me really angry that he keeps going like this and keeps causing this heart ache."

She hopes Henderson's time in prison will be extended, rather then shortened.

"I'm hoping that they don't reduce it. If anything they should extend it even more because there were three kids in that car. They weren't doing anything wrong. It is hard to accept that they drag it on for so long. I really hope that it backfires on him and he gets more time."

Ms Prior said she would take the case to Mr Bleijie if the appeal is successful.

"I'm so angry and upset. I can't believe the cheek to do that," she said.

They hope the appeal is stopped at the application stage, before reaching court again.

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