IN TOWN: MP Christian Rowan.
IN TOWN: MP Christian Rowan.

Shadow environment minister in town to talk power and jobs

THE LNP's shadow environment minister Christian Rowan visited Bundaberg today to talk to local businesses and detail the party's promise to lower power prices and increase employment.

Dr Rowan said the creation of employment opportunities needed a comprehensive plan involving power prices and incentives for businesses to take on employees.

"The LNP will end Labor's secret tax on electricity, the LNP will undertake economic and structural reforms with respect to Queensland's generators, poles and wires and in doing so we'll save a typical Queensland family, on average, $160 per year over the next two years, rising to $460 by 2030," he said.

"Our plan will also lead to small businesses being hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars better off and we know that's important for business to give them that relief, we know that businesses have been doing it tough with significantly higher electricity charges and bills, that also families have been doing in tough in that way from a cost of living perspective.

"Under Labor, wholesale electricity prices have increased by 70 per cent and so by making this commitment we know that will provide relief not only for businesses, but for families, for individuals, for farmers and for those involved in industry and that's very important to stimulate economic development."

Dr Rowan said the party, if elected in Queensland, would focus on the economy.

"When you combine our other announcements around freezing bonuses for our electricity executives and putting consumer representation on the boards of electricity network businesses as well as a commitment to building a high efficiency, low-emissions coal-fire power station in North Queensland and also abolishing Labor's 50 per cent renewable energy target - those things together will drive down electricity prices," he said.

"When you look at that also in relation to what we've announced for jobs generally - our commitment to 500,000 jobs over the next 10 years and also our reforms to payroll tax, lifting the threshold by $25,000 every year over the next 10 years, that'll certainly help up to 14,000 businesses.

"Again that's important to stimulate the economy and create jobs and again with our $100 million Get Queensland Working package, that is again incentivising businesses to give young Queenslanders a go and also it will encourage tradies to take on apprentices as well, so all of those things are good packages for the regions particularly, but it's about creating jobs and tackling the cost of living."

Dr Rowan said the party would also freeze car registration fees for three years from next year if elected.

He said the LNP was conscious of getting the balance between conservation and economic development and would focus on "strong environmental protections and processes".

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