Sexual assault in the supermarket

A MAN who assaulted three random women by grabbing their breasts and buttocks in public places has been jailed for nine months.

But Ryan Hart, 27, was released immediately after having served 301 days in custody while he waited to be sentenced on two charges of sexual assault and one of common assault, all to which he pleaded guilty.

Bundaberg Magistrates Court was told Hart made sexually suggestive comments to a 27-year-old woman at The Waves Sports Club and later grabbed her breast on September 5, 2009.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said the woman was in the gaming room when Hart began acting suspiciously, moving about the room.

He sat beside her at one point and later brushed her hair as he walked past, before grabbing her breast.

“The complainant said he (Hart) walked up to her and said, ‘How about a bit?'”

When the woman queried him, he replied, “I'll make it worth your while — how about a little massage?” before grabbing her.

On October 20, 2009, Hart approached a 14-year-old girl who was on the way home from school on Walker Street and asked her for a “quickie”.

When she refused, he touched her stomach before riding away on his bike.

Sgt Stevens said on November 3, Hart sexually assaulted a woman while she was grocery shopping.

Hart stood behind the woman sniffing her hair, then “rushed at her from behind and grabbed her buttocks forcefully”, Sgt Stevens said.

He lifted her skirt and was touching her leg saying suggestive things and, when the woman pushed him away, he continued to press against her speaking profanities.

Defence lawyer Matt Messenger said his client was extremely remorseful for his actions.

He said the cleaner had spent 301 days in custody and asked the magistrate to take that into account.

Magistrate Jennifer Batts sentenced Hart to a total of nine months in jail with time served taken into account.

He was released and will be under parole supervision for 12 months.

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