BEING the best role model she can be and promoting the work of Life Education was all the motivation a Bundaberg mum needed to take part in Ocsober.

Life Education, the national not-for-profit behind the campaign, is encouraging Australians to sign up and to commit to the challenge of giving up all alcohol for October and to raise funds to support the program.

As a mum to seven-year-old Jordan Darby and owner, principal and teacher of the Bundaberg Vocal Academy, Kara James said she worked with children each week and was passionate about making a difference in their lives.

"My job is far more than just teaching children how to sing or play music. I endeavour to encourage their confidence and self-esteem so they can not only become better performers of their art, but gain life-long skills," she said.

"Healthy self-esteem is like a child's armour against the challenges of the world, handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures.

"I often hear my students' struggles about schooling, their peers, and their concerns about drugs, alcohol and self harm in and outside of the school environment and music is just one amazing release for them to escape such pressures."

"I have built my academy based on creating a comfortable environment where children can come along and express themselves confidently..."Miss James said her daughter was introduced to Life Education for the first time at school this year and she believed it was a positive journey for kids and the very start of their education and empowerment to make positive life choices.

"It feels great to fund raise in effort to help them learn about health and the harm associated with drug and alcohol misuse," she said.

"By taking part in Ocsober I feel I can not only be a role model and raise awareness for my own child, my students and the community, but to also guide my own health goals and positive life choices."

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