Serving a tradition

A BUNDABERG soldier is the pride of his family after having been awarded his second Soldiers Medallion in the space of two years.

Kevin Lomax joined the Army in 2001 and quickly moved though the ranks to become a Corporal Instructor at the School of Infantry.

The medallion is awarded to soldiers who have given exemplary service well above that expected of them in the performance of their duties.

His proud father, Tom, said for a soldier to receive two of these awards was a rare feat.

“I’m extremely proud of him,” Mr Lomax said.

“He is a leader amongst his peers and is definitely an above-average soldier.”

Mr Lomax said he was amazed his son had been awarded the medal two years in a row.

“They are not given out willy-nilly,” he said.

“It’s an earned thing and it gives people around you something to aspire to.”

Kevin has joined a long line of family members who have served in the Australian Army. His dad spent more than 21 years with the Army, his mum 26 years, one grandfather 28 years and the other grandfather six.

Kevin’s brother, David, also joined in 2006 and has already served two tours of duty in East Timor, while Kevin has completed a tour in Iraq with another expected.

“Travelling to these troubled areas has made the boys more appreciative of Australia and made them want to keep it this way in its pristine condition,” said Mr Lomax.

Kevin and his partner are expecting a baby boy this month and Mr Lomax hoped his grandson would carry on the family career.

“It would be great if he carried on the family tradition of army service,” he said.

Mr Lomax said he was very proud of both his sons.

“I feel honoured that they have followed the tradition,” he said.

“I am happy that the Army is making a difference in themselves and in Australia.”

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