Sergeant signs out

DETECTIVE Sergeant Mary Waugh found a second family when she joined the Queensland Police Service, 37 years ago.

After reaching her official retirement yesterday, Det Sgt Waugh said she had countless fond memories of her colleagues and all the people she has helped along the way.

“There's no-one moment I can single out - I loved it all,” she aid.

After joining the force in Mundubbera nearly four decades ago, Det Sgt Waugh went to Brisbane to be sworn in, and has since spent the majority of her career working with Bundaberg.

After a brief stint in the traffic unit, she found her passion was working with troubled youths in the child protection unit.

“It was the Education Department Liaison Unit when I joined, but it is now known as the Child Protection Investigation Unit,” Det Sgt Waugh said.

“I loved worked with the kids - if you could get them back on track it was a huge achievement.”

As well as working with youngsters, Det Sgt Waugh also championed Neighbourhood Watch during her time on the force, after the scheme was introduced in Bundaberg.

“I had a great rapport with the Neighbourhood Watch Committee,” she said.

“It was like a family, a really great bunch of people to work with.”

While yesterday was her last day as a sworn-in officer, Det Sgt Waugh has been on pre-retirement leave since last year and already has plans for how she will spend the rest of her free time.

“I've just started a self-paced accounting course to keep the mind active, and I will be doing some travel,” she said.

“But I will miss the comradeship of my fellow officers.”

About 80 Neighbourhood Watch members turned out for a party to celebrate Det Sgt Waugh's retirement on Saturday night, as part of a joint celebration, also commemorating 20 years of Neighbourhood Watch in Bundaberg.

Dan Moynihan's community spirit has shone through as clearly as Det Sgt Waugh's, after he joined the scheme during its early days in Bundaberg.

“I've been involved for about 18 years,” Bundaberg Neighbourhood Watch Zone Three co-ordinator Mr Moynihan said.

“It doesn't take up much time and it's a big help to the community.”

Mr Moynihan said Sgt Waugh was a huge asset to the household crime prevention group.

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