Could this combination actually work?
Could this combination actually work?

Senator invents Bundaberg Rum affogato

WE ALL have things we like to do with our famous Bundaberg Rum.

Some of us drink it neat, some like it in our Christmas plum pudding and others with an icy cold glass of cola. 

LNP Senator for Queensland and Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister James McGrath recently sent out his annual Christmas email, adding a new suggestion - the Queensland affogato - complete with Bundy Rum. 

"As a pollie, I tend to find myself on the road a fair bit, and eating probably a little bit more than I should," Mr McGrath said.

"The diet is going very well, thank you for asking.

Senator James McGrath.
Senator James McGrath. ALAN PORRITT / AAP

"Whether it is declaring war on beer-battered chips (the work of Satan, no less) or inventing a new dessert - the Queensland Affogato (Bundy, Milo and ice cream) or my love for the humble pea, there is a not food-group that I don't have a strong and sometimes remarkably irrational opinion."

The Queensland affogato may be just the thing to wash down the premier's Christmas cake, however, Mr McGrath reckons local MP Keith Pitt's wife well, takes the cake when it comes to baking. 

"But can I say, in all the technicolour glory that is this newsletter that Allison Pitt, the far better half of my erstwhile colleague, Keith, the Member for Hinkler, makes the best Christmas Cake," Mr McGrath said.

"There is no debate. Everyone else can go home.

"Allison's cake takes the Olympic gold medal for Christmas cakes."

But would the Queensland affogato please the locals? We're not sure, so you'll have to vote in our poll and let us know what you think. 

Is mixing Bundy Rum, Milo and ice cream a good idea?

This poll ended on 31 December 2016.

Current Results

No, no, never


I guess it could work


I'm trying it


This is amazing


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

And if you actually decide to give it a go, email your pics and verdict to

And just for the record, we'll ask Mrs Pitt for the recipe.

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