CLUB: Christine Rhodes and Graham Shallcross.
CLUB: Christine Rhodes and Graham Shallcross. Mike Knott BUN060315SPEEDWAY8

Sedan club says it's not to blame for speedway demise

MOTORSPORT: The Bundaberg Speedway Sedan Club have had enough of people abusing and blaming them for the demise of the Carina Speedway.

Last week the lease was not renewed by the owners of the land to either Pete Basmadjian (former leasee) or a new group which ended racing at the Speedway for the time being.

Caught in the crossfire of the situation, the Sedan Club copped abuse and comments from people believing they were involved financially in the downfall of the Speedway.

President Graham Shallcross said that was simply not true.

"We had nothing to do with the financial situation at Carina and we kept that to Pete (Basmadjian),” he said.

"All we did was offer help to the club including volunteer work to get the track ready and help with race meetings.

"We were the meat in the sandwich unfortunately.”

While the club was the lease holders from 1999 to 2006, they are not in that power any more.

Shallcross said all the club does was support drivers and officials looking to be involved in racing.

"We provide all licensing, specification for classes and insurances,” he said.

"We're governed by a state body which is into a national body and hold club meetings every month.”

And now for the club they are back to where they were just under two years ago.

They now have no race track in Bundaberg to compete on.

"When Pete took over we thought this is great we'll get our track back,” Shallcross said.

"Now we got to travel a lot more now to compete and practice before events.”

This includes trips to Gympie, Rockhampton, Maryborough and Toowoomba to race.

Shallcross isn't worried though and knows the club will still fight on.

"Sunshine Coast and other places are strong and don't have a track to race on,” he said.

"We also have plenty of drivers in different classes competing including Casey Collins who recently competed at the nationals.”

"We aim now to keep the club strong.”

For now though the club just dreams of one day racing in front of a large group of fans at their home track again.

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