Airport security questioned

A DISTRESSING and vocal display at the Bundaberg Airport as a flight was taking off has left a Bargara woman concerned about the facility’s security.

Gail Ashman had just dropped friends off to catch the plane when, as the plane taxied down the runway, a woman began to wail and throw items around the terminal.

Ms Ashman said she spoke to the woman to try to calm her down.

“I spoke to her for a good two to three minutes before there was any sign of security,” she said.

Ms Ashman said she spent the next few minutes liaising with security while they tried to calm the woman down.

“My concern is that there is no security at the airport and someone could just board the flight with who knows what in their bag,” she said.

Bundaberg Regional Council manager of economic development Naomi Searle said she could not comment on security arrangements at the airport because, like all airports, it was classified as “security in confidence”.

But she said security equipment had been bought for more than $450,000, in preparation for when a jet service came to the airport.

“The operation of security equipment is costly and council has made the decision to implement security screening when required under the Aviation Transport Security Act,” Ms Searle said.

“As such, screening will not be undertaken until jet services are operating from the airport.”

Ms Searle said luggage was not screened at the airport, but this would be introduced when a jet service operated from the airport.

“When passengers continue their travel from Brisbane on a jet service, their luggage is screened at Brisbane Airport,” she said.

Bundaberg Police went to the airport and the woman was voluntarily taken back to the Bundaberg Hospital mental health unit, where she is a patient.

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