Article helps lawyers find missing heir

UPDATE: A New South Wales law firm has found a man they were searching for who is entitled to part of his dead mother's estate. 

Lawyer Meg Viney said the firm was grateful for the publication of the article, after a friend of heir David Brown helped get them in touch.

"(The) story worked very quickly as the David Brown we were searching for contacted our office... after a friend advised him of the article," Ms Viney said. 

EARLIER: A firm of lawyers in New South Wales is looking for a man who may be living in Bundaberg who is entitled to a share in his dead mother's estate.

The firm, Mason Lawyers of Mayfield, is looking for a David Brown, who had become estranged from his family.

Spokeswoman Meg Viney said Mr Brown was believed to be living in Bundaberg in about 2012.

"We are acting for the estate of a woman who passed away," she said.

The woman had three children of her own and three stepchildren, and left her estate equally to all six.

However, one of the stepchildren, Carmel Jewel Brown, had already died, and her share of the estate would be divided among her six children.

"She had six children and we've found three, but now we're looking for the others," Ms Viney said.

She said Mr Brown's father was no longer speaking to him.

"He and his father have lost touch, but the last his father heard was that he was living in Bundaberg," she said.

"It would be a lot easier if they were still in touch."

Mr Brown was believed to be about 50, and Ms Viney said they did not know what he did for a living.

She said the amount he was due to inherit was only small, but the lawyers for the estate had to try to finalise the situation.

Ms Viney said the lawyers had done all they could to find Mr Brown.

"We went through the electoral rolls in Brisbane and Bundaberg, but with no success," she said.

Ms Viney said it was believed Mr Brown did not have a middle name.

Ms Viney said they had tracked down the birth certificates of five of Mrs Brown's children.

Although Mr Brown's birth was apparently registered, a fire at the Newcastle hospital in which he was born had destroyed the records.

 The search comes as a Scottish legal firm also seeks an heir or heirs in Bundaberg.

Investigator Robert Drummond contacted the NewsMail in January seeking William James McDonald, last heard of in North Bundaberg.

Apparently Mr McDonald's aunt, Sheila McDonald, died without a will in Aberdeen in 2012.

The lawyers say although William James McDonald has been found to have died, he had children who appear to be the beneficiaries of the will. They are now seeking to establish contact with them.

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