OPINION: Government deserves praise for language decision


The Queensland Government deserves all the praise it gets for its bold decision to make learning a language other than English compulsory from Year 5.

It's surprising it wasn't already mandatory, with the well-known and proven benefits of being bilingual as well as the massive push from the top to prepare Australians for the so-called Asian Century.

And the fact that the younger you are the more easily you will learn a foreign language means kids should start learning them as soon as possible.

The criticism that some students have too much on their plate already, or that they struggle with English and therefore LOTE will only see them struggle further, couldn't be further from the truth.

Studies show that people who speak two languages benefit, particularly in regards to cognition, and those benefits can even stretch to include a better comprehension of one's native tongue.

The middle class of Asia will be busting at the seams and we'd be mad not to give our kids the tools they'll need to seize the opportunities that brings.

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