Seagulls league club - Steve Crawford -
Seagulls league club - Steve Crawford - "A" grade coach. Alistair Brightman

Seagulls prevented from Bundy comp

Hervey Bay Seagulls could be prevented from playing in the 2010 Bundaberg competition if its local league committee continues to block the move.

But president Mal Breen has promised to support the Seagulls all the way in the club’s appeal to return to Bundaberg Rugby League next season.

“The club should be able to do what it wants to do.

“If they want to play up here they should be allowed,” Breen said yesterday.

The Seagulls were supposed to return to BRL this season with the strongest team in years, after Maryborough Wallaroos withdrew to join Fraser Coast Rugby League.

Hervey Bay president Steve Crawford decided to stay in the much stronger Bundaberg tournament, rather than playing in the weaker Fraser Coast league.

“We want to play in Bundaberg because we feel that is the better standard of competition and that’s what our players want – to play in the best competition,” Crawford told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

“We are not about to give up on playing in Bundy just because Fraser Coast have said no to it.

“If Wide Bay says no as well, then we’ll go to Queensland Rugby League – we won’t stop trying, I can tell you.

“The club has such a long and proud history of playing in the Bundy competition and we have no intention of that tradition coming to an end.”

But Fraser Coast Rugby League rejected Hervey Bay’s proposal to join the BRL in the 2010 season because it wants the Seagulls to compete in its own Friday night league.

Next Friday, the Seagulls will take an appeal to the Wide Bay Rugby League where the future of the club will be decided.

Even if that appeal is unsuccessful, Breen said the BRL would support Hervey Bay in an appeal to the Central Division or Queensland Rugby League.

“But I’m hoping common sense will prevail,” Breen said.

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