BRAG exhibition is out of this world

A NEW exhibition inspired by cult-classic Australian films from the 1970s and Hollywood science-fiction will ensure visitors to Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery's austrALIENation exhibition have a surreal experience.

Brisbane-based artist Ian C Pool also known as HolyGreenCow started off in the music industry but was given a glimpse of the possibilities of photography and has never looked back.

"My sister's boyfriend was a photographer and he had a dark room to process his photos and I was always fascinated by that," Mr Pool said.

"I enjoyed the spontaneity of it.

"It just took over as way of telling a story."

Mr Pool studied at the Queensland College of Art obtaining a Bachelor of Photography and honing his skills in the process.

Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony by HolyGreenCow.
Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony by HolyGreenCow.

"It was quite amazing being exposed to it at university and reaching an audience," he said.

In 2009 he created They Came, an autobiographical series that used humour to examine his fear of nature reclaiming earth and bringing about the end of the world, and felt his love of satire, sci-fi and photography had finally come together.

"I wanted to do something different," he said.

The 47-year-old's latest work austrALIENation was shot on an iPhone and created on Photoshop.

"It features 10 stills from a film that never existed, except in my head," he said. "In general terms, it uses the Hollywood blockbuster to examine very real events in history.

"In movies like Star Wars they can blow up an entire planet with no moral outrage, yet if something happened like that in real life, we expect people to react differently."

Pool was influenced by many '70s Aussie films such as The Last Wave.

"Walkabout is a good example of the visual language I hoped to capture through landscapes and the darkness in beauty theme," he said.

"Movies like Picnic at Hanging Rock were also influential."

The Hunt Begins by HolyGreenCow.
The Hunt Begins by HolyGreenCow.

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