Samsung Galaxy S7 is one super cool phone without the hot issues of the Note7.
Samsung Galaxy S7 is one super cool phone without the hot issues of the Note7. john mccutcheon

Samsung Note7 dead: What phone should I switch to?

WITH Samsung stopping sales and replacements of its Galaxy Note 7, many buyers will be left wondering what phone they should be switching to.

Telcos have shown they're willing to offer Note 7 contract customers alternative phones.

If you purchase directly through Samsung or another retailer it should be relatively easy to secure a refund.

So with that cash 'burning a hole' in your pocket (pun intended), you're now faced with the conundrum of picking another device that's premium and similar.

Here are's top picks for large screened, premium 2016 smartphones.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you want to stay with Samsung, the Galaxy S7 Edge is a great contender with the same large, curved display screen as the Note 7 and a very similar overall performance.

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2. Huawei Mate 8

The Mate 8 has some decent features, a large screen along with excellent battery life and performance. It also a refined rounded design that's similar to the Note 7's display.

3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

So this isn't an Android option, but it's still one you should consider if a large screen is what you're after. Be warned, not all storage variants of the iPhone 7 Plus come in cheaper than the Note 7 on either an outright or contract basis.

Still, Apple's premium phone for 2017 is a seriously fine phablet with an exceptional dual camera and highly optimised operating environment.

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4. Google Pixel XL

If you're committed to Android, Google's upcoming Pixel XL might be more to your tastes. It boasts Google's own inbuilt "Assistant" and a seriously sharp camera. You will need to wait till at least 20 October 2016 to get your hands on one, so having a standby phone to use in the interim is a must.

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5. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It's not ideal, but you can always resort to trying to source last year's model, the Galaxy Note 5. While it won't be as speedy as the Note 7, much of the rest of the experience should still be the same.

Other choices to look out for could include Sony's new range of phones which boast 23MP cameras and have the added bonus of free movies.

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