Sales success starts with finding out what buyer wants

A BUSINESS column by Yale Morgan of Business Solutions

HOW healthy are your team's sales skills?

What's their average conversion rate compared to industry average?

Are you happy with the current level of sales now?

In many cases, businesses I speak to are not happy with their sales but don't do anything about it.

They may use threats - "if you don't get your target..." etc - or they may take the soft approach - "business is just a little tough for everyone right now".

There's no need for you to go bust because everyone else is. I'll share two secrets of sales success with you.

Number 1: Find out what people want - and help them get it (all too often I see sales people trying to sell what they have or want to sell rather than finding out what their customer is really after).

Number 2: Sales people aren't born - they are created. Some may have the natural "gift of the gab" but professional sales people are trained and follow a structured process. Let me share a proven process that all sales people should go through. It's basically just seven steps.

Depending on the type of sale, the process might be a few minutes (fast-paced retail) or days, weeks or months (larger, corporate-style sales).

Many people enter into sales excited and ready to take on the world, but after a string of "nos" they become deflated, disillusioned and downright miserable and often just get up and move on, never to experience the thrill of helping people get what they want.

Here is the process for sales success:

  • Building rapport and relaxing your client
  • Setting the scene
  • The story
  • Questioning
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting the solution
  • Closing the sale

Yale Morgan is the president of the Bundaberg and Districts Chamber of Commerce. For more information, visit

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