Rush is on for security upgrades

BUNDABERG security companies and locksmiths have recorded a spike in calls from people wanting their home safety improved following the alleged murder of Trinity Bates this week.

The eight-year-old’s body was found in a stormwater drain in the early hours of Monday, after she is believed to have disappeared from her Walker Street home overnight.

Rechenberg Security owner Michael Rechenberg said his business had seen an increase in the number of people who wanted their residential alarms serviced, to make sure they were still working.

The security specialist, who started working for his father (Gordon) in the family business about 20 years ago, remembered only one other event that had Bundaberg residents clamouring for security upgrades and checks.

“It happened for maybe a week or more about 10 years ago,” Mr Rechenberg said.

“There were half a dozen houses a night being broken into while people were sleeping.”

Locksmith Ken Venus said he had also been fielding extra telephone calls.

“I had five jobs in the Walkervale area this week and that’s not a normal thing to have that many jobs in the one area,” he said.

He said a lot of break-ins occurred when offenders saw an open window or unlocked door.

“A lot of break-ins are opportunistic,” Mr Venus said.

The locksmith said it was important for people to always be security-conscious.

“Five minutes of locking up the house before you leave can save weeks of heartache,” Mr Venus said.

Security Enterprises managing director Dale Thomas said a lot of people did not think about the security of their home until the house was broken into.

He recommended people made sure locks on their doors worked before thinking about electronic security such as cameras or sensors in the home.

“It’s not as expensive as people think,” Mr Thomas said.

“For less than a $1000 an electronic system can be installed.”

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