Intercity league comp proposed

THE three A-grade cricket sides from Bundaberg will be the main

beneficiaries from the proposed intercity club competition.

Continually meeting the same teams in quick succession does not make for a good competition.

Making an A-grade side play a division two team did not work because of the gap in player ability.

The A-grade sides were either just too strong or they just took the opposition too lightly and didn’t really try.

Playing teams from a different centre with the ability of some players unknown can only improve the standard of competition.

A team will only play a side from the other city when they have the bye in their own competition.

This will mean the Bundaberg teams will travel a lot more than their southern counterparts.

The Fraser Coast competition has five teams so they will only be playing the intercity competition every fifth week while for Bundaberg sides it will be every third.

Teams from the Fraser Coast most likely will only have to travel to Bundaberg twice during the 15-week competition.

A few Fraser Coast sides are opposed to travelling to Bundaberg to play.

With three teams from Hervey Bay and two from Maryorough, they often have to travel 35km to play.

It would be an extra 75km or 85km for those teams to come to Bundaberg only twice a season.

There was a move to form another A-grade side in the Fraser Coast competition this year and it may happen next season.If this occurs it could be the end of an intercity club competition unless this year’s trial is a success.

As cricket is so strong in Maryborough and Hervey Bay it would be easy for those clubs to just play their own competition.

With this in mind, both the Bundaberg Cricket Association and the local clubs should be doing all they can to increase the number of A-grade sides.

The aim of all young cricketers should be to improve their standard and play at a higher level.

They should not let club loyalty stand in their way and, if they can’t make it to the top in their own club, maybe they should move to another.

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