Roma breaks record for coldest day since 1966

ROMA appears to have bucked the prediction of a warmer winter for 2016, with the record for Roma's coldest day ever since 1966 being broken as thermometers recorded below 10°C for last Thursday.

Maximum temperatures peaked at a measly 8.6°C for Thursday, July 12, beating out the previous record of 9.4°C for the original coldest day of July 16, 1966.

Bureau of Meteorology Duty Forecaster Michael Paech said the cooler temperatures on the day were the result of a combination of cloud cover moving from an upper trough and dry southerly winds being pushed through the area.

"What we saw was a lot of cloud approaching from an upper trough, which is now causing rain and storms over north Queensland," Mr Paech said.

"The combination of cloud cover and wind from a high, moving into the Great Australian Bight keeping temperatures below 10°C. And this event is still a good 12°C below the average temperature for July."

Mr Paech said the current forecast expected temperatures to rise again to a maximum of 26°C, with the climate outlook predicting changes to maximum temperatures and median rainfall.

"From July to September, there's a 20-30% chance of exceeding maximum temperatures, and a further 60-80% chance of exceeding the median rainfall," he said.

"Fluctuations vary from week-to-week, and the climate outlook states the changes could in fact be quite small."

But the reading was a far cry from Roma's coldest temperature recorded, where thermometers plunged to -5.5°C in July 1997.

Former CSIRO technical officer Peter Nelson said rainfall records from this year have been "broken by the bucketful" across Queensland and Tasmania, with previous forecasts expecting excessive rains from May onwards until early 2017.

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