Three Chain Road needs an upgrade says resident Wayne Majora.
Three Chain Road needs an upgrade says resident Wayne Majora. Rob Barich/ News-Mail

Rocky road to result

THE long campaign by Three Chain Road residents to get the route fixed is close to success.

After years of rumbling down a dirt track, being covered in clouds of dust, nuisance drivers hooning and fears of a bad accident, Bundaberg Regional Councillor Danny Rowleson said residents should be pleased to hear the road has finally made it onto the priority list for 2010/11.

“There are two sections to be done - Dahls Road to Hummock Road, and Three Chain Road east from Hummock Road to Elliott Heads Road,” he said.

Cr Rowleson said the draft capital works program for the 2010/11 budget includes the two-part Three Chain Road upgrade to two sealed lanes, with the western stretch estimated to cost about $530,000 and the eastern stretch estimated at $400,000.

“There are a number of issues with Three Chain Road - construction of the road is poor, consequently we grade it, it dusts up because it was incorrectly constructed, and safety,” he said.

“It's a disaster waiting to happen, a recipe for a bad smash.”

Residents have a long history of trying to get something done and went close after lobbying Burnett Shire Council for part of the road to be fixed.

The job fell through the cracks of council amalgamation and missed out when funds were redirected following the deaths on Raines Road.

Wayne Majora, who has lived at the intersection of Hummock Road and Three Chain Road for more than three years, said he regularly sees burnouts and drivers failing to stop at the intersection stop sign.

He has seen and heard the danger from his own home, and would be satisfied to see the intersection sealed, at least 100m in each direction.

“There's been a couple of near-misses,” he said.

“I'm not here all day though, so who knows what you're missing then.”

Mr Majora said he was warned of the problem by previous tenants, and understands what people have talked about with possible accidents.

“It's like waiting for one to happen,” he said.

“And we cop a lot of dust with the wind - the noise disappears (from cars doing burnouts), but the dust is most annoying.”

Elizabeth Karon has lived on Three Chain Road for 25 years and has seen problems grow with increased use of the road.

“When I first moved in it was a no-through road, and they eventually started grading it,” she said.

She said the road is graded about every eight weeks but said that people do not drive to the conditions.

“We've all been working toward it (getting a solution for the road),” Mrs Karon said.

“It's a long-standing gripe.”

Mrs Karon said she would like to see the road upgraded and turned into a cul-de-sac, and had been in contact with Cr Rowleson about the matter.

“They come down here at a wicked speed,” she said.

“It's dusty here all the time, and this week with all the wind.”

Cr Rowleson said his previous effort in council to cul-de-sac the road was knocked back by a six to five vote after emergency vehicle access concerns.

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