Scott Weeding is escorted by police.
Scott Weeding is escorted by police. WIN News Central Queensland

What caused this man to run from police for 21 days

A LIFETIME of drug abuse and a complete disregard for the law culminated in a 21-day police chase and crime spree when Scott William Weeding got behind the wheel high on methylamphetamine.

The District Court of Rockhampton today heard the 30-year-old Rockhampton man at one point smashed through a closed garage door and accelerated towards a police officer, in just one of the many terrifying instances during the ordeal.

In the final moments leading up to his arrest, Weeding did not waver in his evasion of the law and barricaded himself in a wardrobe, punched a police dog and was tasered by police before his inevitable arrest.

Weeding pleaded guilty to 24 charges for the offences which spanned January 15, 2015 - just days after he was granted parole in Rockhampton Magistrate's Court, until his arrest on February 6, 2015.

The spree began when Weeding - whose licence has been disqualified by the court 18 times - tried to hide his identity as police spotted him driving a red Mitsubishi Magna in Rockhampton.

He accelerated heavily through give way signs, stop signs and oncoming traffic and managed to evade police.

On January 28 he was again seen driving, this time a white Suzuki - he again got away.

Two days later on January 30 police attended a Frenchville address, and "while their attention was distracted" Weeding reversed through the closed garage door, sped down the side of the property and towards a police officer who jumped out of the way to avoid being hit.

In the days following, Weeding smashed through gates, fences and police cars on a Bouldercombe property before escaping once again, before his inevitable arrest at a Kinka Beach property on February 6.

Crown prosecutor Tiffany Lawrence told the court it was "only by good fortune no one was injured or worse".

She told of Weeding's "unenviable criminal history" which revealed he had come before the court for breaching bail, arson, breaching domestic violence orders, weapons charges and four charges similar to his most serious - dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Ms Lawrence said he had been given the benefit of every order the court could hand him including fines, good behaviour, suspended sentences and jail time.

To the crown's precedent case submissions, Judge Burnett said "I don't think any of them come within cooee of this offending".

Weeding's defence lawyer Mr Ahlstrand told Weeding's "devastating desire" to consume illicit drugs began at age 11, when he first smoked cannabis, before he "migrated to more serious" drugs, consuming LSD at 16-years-old and later began his plight into methylamphetamine addiction at 21-years-old.

He told the court Weeding's history of drug use "explained his rather lengthy criminal history".

He explained he was drug-free as a result of the 400 days he had spent in custody for the offences, and upon release "wants to be free of drugs" - but acknowledged his addiction would pose a challenge.

Judge Burnett condemned the man's "escalated" offending during the chase which deserved a sentence in "the top end of the range", and denounced his deplorable criminal and traffic history since age 17.

Weeding was convicted on all 24 charges, sentenced to three years and eight months, with a pre-sentence declaration of the 400 days served in custody, with a parole eligibility date of September 14, 2016.

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