Road closures as at 3.45pm

UPDATE: A NUMBER of roads in the Bundaberg region after recent flooding.

Closed roads include:


  • Branyan Drive (open with care - potholes)
  • Hanbury Street (open with care)
  • Park Street
  • Targo Street (between Crofton and McMannie Streets) - open with care
  • Walla Street (Woondooma Street to Park Street)
  • Waterview Road (open with care


  • Birthamba Road (open with care)
  • Bucca Crossing at Kolan River
  • Claytons Road (open with care)
  • Coonarr Road (open with care)
  • Dahls Road (open with care )
  • Dr Mays Road (open with care)
  • Dr Mays Crossing Road, Calavos
  • Darlingtons /Wolfenden Road, Calavos
  • Harts Road (open with care)
  • Erskine Road, Elliott/Pine Creek (open to light vehicles only - one lane only,  cars and 4WD - No trucks)
  • Heales Road - closed due to flooding
  • Hills Road, Fairymead (for approximately two weeks from January 17)
  • Kenzlers Road at Splitters Creek
  • Lew Crosswell Road, South Kolan (open with care)
  • Manoo Road, Sharon (open with care)
  • Phillips Road, Elliott (open with care)
  • Pine Creek Road at Pine Creek bridge and Cherry Creek bridge (open with care)
  • Raines Road (open with care)
  • Riverview Road (open with care)
  • Sully Dowdings Road at Pine Creek (open with care)
  • Three Chain Road (open with care)
  • Wessells Road, Bargara


  • Farnsfield Road (between Pranges and Foleys Roads)
  • McKeys Road, Apple Tree Creek (open with care)
  • Rainbows Road, Childers


  • Booyal Causeway
  • Bugadoo Road, Bullyard (open with care)
  • Dalga Road, Dalga
  • Diamond Hill Road, Monduran
  • Duckpond Road (open with care - northern end only)
  • Marshall Avenue
  • Monduran Road - timber bridge 2.4 km in from Bruce Highway is open with five tonne load limit (open with care)
  • Monduran Side Track - Monduran Road
  • Moolboolaman Road (open with care)
  • Nearum Road - Closed at Floodways
  • Walla Road at Perry River Bridge (open with care)
  • Wallaville - Goondoon Road closed in following three places:
    - Sheepstation Creek (culvert washed out between Drinan Road and Berrembea Road)
    - Geramanbulyan Creek and Klingstroms Road (section of road washed away)
    - Geramanbulyan Bridge (open with five tonne load limit)
  • Zillmann Road, Wallaville at Old Wallaville Bridge