Rivalry to heat up this round

PREMIERS United will look to continue their recent dominance of North Bundaberg Moray Eels when the two teams meet in the Grand Final replay tomorrow afternoon.

United have won both games since Eels beat them in the semi-final last year by a combined total of 22-2, including a 10-0 destruction in the decider.

But coach David Gear said his side's recent dominance of Eels' explosive batting attack will mean nothing this weekend.

“They are a very strong batting team and they are capable of putting up a big score,” Gear said.

Eels found its scoring groove against Sluggers last week, securing a 13-9 victory.

With coach Mike Shanhun back on the sidelines after returning from representative duty, Gear is expecting a more focused Eels outfit.

“They'll have a bit more direction and they'll be more focused than they have been when he was not there,” Gear said.

Shanhun has challenged his team to prove itself against the competition elite with a win against a full-strength United team this weekend.

“For us it's a perfect time to meet them because they have got all their players back,” Shanhun said.

“It will give us a good idea of where we are at this stage of the season.”

United will welcome back Tanya Petersen who is returning from last week's World Masters Games in Sydney.

Gibbs also returned from the game but will be rested with an injury.

Wests Panthers will take on Souths Sluggers in the earlier match.

Both teams will look to return to form after losses last week.

The United vs Eels match starts at 4.15pm, while the Panthers vs Sluggers game starts at 2.15pm.

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