Horror smash brings back tragic memories for investigator

I WOULD like to thank NewsMail's Liz Carson for her kind words regarding the tragic fatal traffic crash involving one of our officers and an elderly lady on Rosedale Rd, Mullet Creek on Monday.

Firstly I will say that I attended that crash as a crash investigator and I will be reporting on the incident to the coroner in due course.

I have been a crash investigator for the past 22½ years and during that time I have attended hundreds of serious and fatal traffic crashes.

When one of our own is involved it tends to hit home a bit harder.

Unfortunately Monday's event brought back some dreadful memories for me.

On April 5, 2001 I was then stationed at the Accident Investigation Squad, Brisbane.

At 1.10pm that day a fatal traffic crash occurred at Eight Mile Plains.

I arrived on the scene at 1.15pm to find one of my colleagues fatally injured after his police motorcycle was involved in a collision with a truck.

Senior Constable David Shean was also a friend.

He died in front of me. That day never leaves me and no doubt I will take certain memories to my grave.

Thank you for your editorial pointing out that we do a difficult job under difficult circumstances.

However, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, we still do the job and try to get on with our lives as best we can.

My thoughts go out to the family of the poor woman tragically involved in this incident.

I will be in contact with them shortly, just like I have been in contact with numerous families in the past, all over this state.

Tragedies on the road have a ripple effect throughout the community.

Not only are families affected but also friends, work colleagues, teachers, emergency service workers, etc.

I'd like to remind everybody of the Fatal 5: drink/drug driving, driving without due care and attention, speeding, driving tired, and failing to wear a seatbelt.

Sometimes I feel that I am bashing my head against the wall when I see some of the stupid things people do when they get behind the wheel however I must try to get the message through.

It is just plain tragic when a loved one is lost in such unnecessary circumstances.



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