Rihanna has admitted she
Rihanna has admitted she "hates" vegetables and is currently learning to incorporate more healthy foods into her meals.

Rihanna 'hates' vegetables but 'eats tons of mac and cheese'

RIHANNA "hates" vegetables.

The 27-year-old singer admits she prefers unhealthy foods and has been learning new ways of cooking to incorporate the things that are good for her without being put off by the taste.

She said: "I eat tons of mac and cheese. I know I shouldn't but I do.

"I've had some time off from keeping fit but I'm really get back into working out now and eating cleaner.

"I hate vegetables but I'm learning how to incorporate them one by one into my diet and drown them with other flavours so I don't have to taste them. I'm starting an album so it's time to get fit, get right."


The 'Diamonds' singer misses many of her favourite foods from Barbados so whenever friends or family from home come to visit her, she asks them to bring her favourite treats.

Asked what she misses about her home nation, she added to HELLO! magazine: "Flying fish. And lots of little things like pepper sauce, fish cakes, coconuts and Barbadian seasoning, snacks like crisps and chocolate - I'm always having my friends bring tons of that when they come and visit.

"And I miss the place too. It's beautiful, Barbados. The beaches are pristine and perfect, the water's blue and the sand is white - it's a tiny rock of paradise really. If I could do what I want and still live there, I would."


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