Review could stall charges against alleged Agnes bikie

AGNES Water man Leslie Douglas Dennison could have his prosecution under anti-association legislation put on the backburner as a result of the VLAD Review Taskforce Report according to a professor of criminology.

Dennison is scheduled to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on May 30 but according to Bond University's Dr Terry Goldsworthy if the Palaszczuk government changes the legislation around the laws the prosecution might offer no evidence.

Mr Dennison has been charged with being a participant in a criminal organisation and knowingly in public places with two or more people who are involved in a criminal organisation.

Dr Goldsworthy said if the alleged crime was committed while the laws were in existence those charges should stand and be used as the laws of the day.

"(The changes) would have to put some retrospectivity for those who have already been charged but that is unlikely," he said.

"If the law changes they may put these charges aside and no evidence offered by the prosecution."

He said the matters were still being finalised after the report was released but he suspected there would be a change of momentum from the police in enforcing the current laws.

"(The police) are less likely to be out there enforcing that law if it is about to get changed," he said.

"Because you will be charging people and it will almost be a waste of time.

"The interesting thing to the police is if the bikies start gathering in big groups because they think police won't apply the law because it's changing will they then start applying it?"

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